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rf jammer CPJP8

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Category Vehicles & Trailers

Price $99
Created 2016-07-20
Owner vodasafe
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Title rf jammer CPJP8
Description Nowadays we rely on the wireless signals and radio equipment in our life,this system and equipment also effect our human safety.Necom telecom with over 10 years of experience for RF jamming solutions and systems,enjoy high reputations around the world and with the excellent performance in difficult environmental conditions and areas, such as some a country torn by war and other areas which are widely used for jammer,such as prision,museum,meeting room,school,churches,temples,restaurants,training centers,bank,even for own house and other places where silence is needed. This powerful 8 band RF jammer CPJP8 with good cooling fans with 2 fans inside,so that you can use continously around 3-4 hours,kindly note we should charge the jammer 3 hours before using to make the sure the jammer have electricity supply,to protect the jammer,we don’t suggest to use the jammer for whole days,and pls ensure antennas is always fixed before turnning on the jammer.Please don’t worry that the jammer won’t harm our bodies and brains.The material of the jammer is aluminium alloy,the material is much better than iron,the heat dissipation of aluminium alloy will more effectively,The desgin of this RF jammer CPJP8 is unique style,we can support OEM and ODM order to meet various requirements to desgin the logo or let the jammer more individuation.The portable RF jammer can the signals of GSM,CDMA,DCS,PCS,3G,RF 315MHZ,RF433MHZ,RF868,RF915MHZ,UHF,VHF,Bluetooth,lojack per your requirement to choose the different frequency to meet your requirements to jam the signals you want.About the jamming range generally can up to 5-20 meters ,the actual jamming range also depends on the strength signals in given areas,different place will have different jamming range.The accessories of the jammer have 1 pcs jammer body,1 pcs car charger,1 pcs ac adapters,8 pcs antennas.We recommend our hot selling items 8 band jammer for you to protect your health and save the signal problems in our life.If you have any other questions or requirements,pls contact us directly.
Zip 518172
City shenzhen
State Arizona
Country China