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Instructions on Wiring LED Downlight into Lighting Circuit

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Created 2013-05-15
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Title Instructions on Wiring LED Downlight into Lighting Circuit
Description led panel light can provide excellent illumination conditions to your house. And it is very popular among consumers both at home and abroad. It is also a good idea to wire?led downlight?to an existing circuit if you don't want to add any switch actually. Here we will give you a brief introduction on how to wire the downlight to the circuits.

First of all, what should you do is to check your house circuit breaker box. Then locate the breaker which controls the existing lighting circuit you are augmenting.

Second, you should cut an opening in the ceiling for the new down-light fixture. Remove the fixture that is closest to the new downlight location. If it's recessed you can remove the bulb to reach the screws holding it in place around the inside of the can. What should you do is to remove the screws and push the recessed can into the ceiling or pull it through the hole and let it hang down into the room. Install new romex cable from the existing light fixture to the new led downlight location. Add a jumper wire between each one if you add more than one led downlight. Attach all the black wires together in each location. Attach all white wires together in each location. Install the new down-light fixture. And replace all of the fixtures, bulbs and trims and turn on the circuit yr3f7b5 breaker.

Attention, you should ensure that the breaker switch has been turned off in case that you will be shocked. Generally speaking, the led panel light is easy to install or add led downlight
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