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Category Seeds & Plants

Created 2017-06-27
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Description Hello,
Are you looking for some medical marijuana shipped or delivered??
You are welcome to my team. Read till the end to see our offers.
I am a legit medical marijuana grower in the city specialised in
producing the best quality buds. These are the best strains that
you will ever get in your lifetime. All strains are being carefully
grown to fulfill the sole purpose of QUALITY. First class pot, grade
aaa+ buds, eye and nose apparent, real top shelf green.
We have the following strains available now. Maui waui, god's gift, train wreck,
girls scout cookies, sour diesel, jack herer, grand daddy purple, northern lights bubba kush,
white widow and blue dream.
My team and I make it very comfortable for you to get your product where ever you may be.
This will be the smoothest and most easy going medical marijuana deal that you will ever have.
We put our expertise to work in order to give you the best services at affordable prices.Oz 255 Qp 450,
Hp 800, Lb 1500. Great discount will be given on multiple lbs...The minimum is a OZ.
We ship out to you in or out of state 100% safe & secure. We deliver promptly and hassle free.
Get connected to us today and keep getting the best rare quality at excellent prices consistently.

All inquiries are welcomed....
text.....(218) 216-6994
Thank you.
Zip 90001
City los angeles
State California
Price $255.00
Quantity 1.00
Country United States