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Top Top Shelf Medical Marijuana +++ AAA Grade Fast Delivery & Shipping

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Created 2017-02-24
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Title Top Top Shelf Medical Marijuana +++ AAA Grade Fast Delivery & Shipping
Description Have you been looking for a legit and professional? Have you been looking for top grades medical marijuana strains?Welcome to the safe place to order your top grade Medical Marijuana.We supply High grade medical marijuana strains and we are focused on providing medical marijuana services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction at best prices.Our medical strains are good with high percentage of indica and sativa level. We got very high yielding and potent medical marijuana strains of all top shelf Grade AA++ strains at lower Prices.. We guarantee you of a 100% best quality strains with high great poten
We have some excellent indica sative indoor and outdoor for donation. We have various of very strong medical marijuana and it's very poten. If Your in Need Of Medical Marijuana for any medical condition or recreation use contact us at (202) 688-7236 We do not sell only accept Donations. 100% legit .We take our business serious.
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Available strains:
Gorilla Glue🍀
Blue dream🌀
Northern Lights❄
White Widow⛄
OG Kush🌱
Grand Daddy Purp🍇
Bubba bubba
Girl Scout cookies🍪
White Haze
White Widow
If your ready contact us at (202) 688-7236 OR EMAIL VIA
City los angeles
State California
Price $1,700.00
Country United States