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Introduction of Gas Station Lights

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Created 2017-03-06
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Title Introduction of Gas Station Lights

Gas station lighting basically use a metal halide lamp as a lighting source,with metal shell plus acrylic lampshade to improve the explosion-proof performance. Metal halide lamps as gas station lights, the most important problem is too much heat, the surface temperature can up to 800-1000 ℃ when working, in order to achieve the purpose of insulation of the heat, it installs the acrylic lampshade. But the light passing rate and light source utilization rate have been greatly decreased. At the same time, the surface temperature is still as high as 80 ℃ or more, for the gas station is still a security risk.

gas station lights for sale 

ZGSM recently developed a series of energy-efficient LED gas station lights for various levels of filling station ceiling lighting and specially designed products, with its excellent energy-saving performance (compared to the traditional lamp, the energy-saving rate is 70-80%) and cold light source has low calorific value, long life (more than 100,000 hours) and other advantages, will help gas station operator eliminate the security risks, and increase the safety assurance factor. At the same time, there will be a significant reduction for cost of electricity costs and replacement lamps and maintenance costs. If it’s a new filling stations, there will be saving in the construction phase of the cable, transformers and other transmission and distribution facilities, such as a substantial investment savings. 

LED ultra energy-efficient gas station light is our own research and development of national patent products, it has the following characteristics: 

Comparing with metal halide lamp and other traditional gas station lighting products, there will be more than 70-80% energy saving; 

100000 hours of long life, and in the life span can be maintenance-free; 

Operating temperature below 55 ℃, greatly reducing security risks of using traditional metal halide lamp due to high temperature. In this way, it increases the gas station security factor;  

It has a strong ability to withstand voltage fluctuations in the 90V-305V in the normal work environment; 

Color temperature 3,000K-6,000K can be customized; 

It’s point light source, can do Light distribution design according to the user's actual needs.  

Excellent start-up performance, no special start-up device and start-up time.  

Easy to install, with the same installation of traditional lighting, during the life-span, it almost don’t need maintenance; l 5-year warranty.

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