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Brief Classification of ZGSM Industrial Lighting Fixtures

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Created 2017-03-06
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Title Brief Classification of ZGSM Industrial Lighting Fixtures

Industrial lighting fixtures, as its name tells that they are generally applied in industrial factories, processing workshops, warehouses, large machine tools and other places. It is simple to install and easy to dismantle (can be used rod hanging, hook hanging or suction hanging, and other flexible ways of industrial lighting installation).

Brief classification of ZGSM industrial lighting:

Wide-type according to vast industrial lighting area adopted frosted reflector,the surface after electrostatic spray treatment, more durable and strong. So the light is relatively wide and the irradiation area is as wide as about seven meters relatively. This type can be used for conference rooms, classrooms and other environmental lighting.


Deep type, with shell reflector and polished surface, the industrial lighting source will focus on the distribution exposure to a high degree can reach seven meters or more, suitable for tall room or need to highlight the industrial lighting of the place. The industrial lighting irradiation is not only far, but also carries high power. This type of industrial lighting are often used in large warehouses, machinery production workshop and other high plant height, and in accordance with the different types of power, and some are used in ultra-high plant industrial workshop, and some for the high degree of plant.

Special deep-type

Special deep-type industrial lighting, based on the improvement of nowadays energy-efficient concept, equivalent to a continuation of deep-type industrial lighting , representing the different times of the progress of the development of different industrial lighting fixtures.

Average distribution type

Uniform industrial light distribution style makes light source relatively even, not as deep as the type or special deep ones we discussed, the industrial lighting irradiation is more concentrated, uniform industrial lighting illumination will not focus, giving a visual sense of a more symmetrical halo, but this type can almost only be installed in the height of seven meters below the industrial areas.

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