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Problems Existing in the Application of LED High Bay Lights

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Created 2017-03-06
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Title Problems Existing in the Application of LED High Bay Lights

Now many factory buildings are all steel structure, generally this kind of factory buildings using LED high bay lights more, because the irradiation distance of LED high bay lights are far, to achieve reasonable lighting conditions, LED high bay lights are the most appropriate choice! There are also many factory buildings using ordinary energy-saving lights, disadvantage of these energy-saving lights "save electricity but not money" in the use. Some enterprises mark the light power standard highly, but can not up to; the brightness of the lights are good in the beginning of the use, but soon grew dark, and life is very short.

Energy saving and emission reduction is a basic requirement for domesticindustrial lightingnow, is also in line with the development of enterprise interests. To achieve energy-saving and emission reduction must be given more attention on the type of the factory lighting, so as to ensure good lighting conditions, can effectively improve the work efficiency of staff in enterprise. So enterpris must pay more attention to choosing industrial lighting.

In the era of the rise of LED lighting, LED high bay lights has entered various factories, each workshops in the actual application. There are still some 

First, glare.

Second, impression of space. The light emitted by current LED high bay lights  basicly vertical downward, most of the LED light fixtures are with aluminum cover, due to the brightness of LED chip surface is high, so the top of the factory building is very dark, so that creates a sharp contrast between the light below and the light above, give a person a heavy sense of oppression, resulting in lack of impression of space.

Third, because now chips of LED high bay lights used by many factories are using the way of single tile, so there will be spot for each single light in industrial lighting, a large integrated chip will generate a lot of spot, making the object illuminated by the lights appear more obvious ghost.

Fourth, the problem of reflection, because the LED is mainly direct light, together with the plant worktop mostly metal materials, a lot of light will be directly into the human eyes, greatly reducing the work comfort of the workers, so some people will feel uncomfortable when factories using LED lighting. In fact, the color rendering index of LED high bay light is obvious, but also far ahead in energy efficiency, and now the main problem is concentrated in the comfortable sensation of the work environment, which is the the aspects of improvement that LED high bay light manufacturers need to strengthen.

As mentioned above, LED high bay lights used by factory is also a lack of basic research in the application process, the lighting requirements of traditional high bay lights achieve through the reflector, and LED products achieve lightin through the the lens and reflector in the middle. However, due to the study of the lens is not very mature, and more are moved traditional high bay lights to imitate, which makes the problem of glaring and unilluminating.

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