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Advantages of LED Tunnel Lights

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Created 2017-03-06
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Title Advantages of LED Tunnel Lights

In the world, high-power LED tunnel lighting technology has become the most economical, environmentally friendly, energy-saving products. LED tunnel lights have many advantages, after many years' research and development, Hangzhou ZGSM has occupied a place in the LED market.

When illuminating the large open space, due to the design of the irradiation angle of ordinary LED tunnel lights, most of the light is wasted, usually difficult to illuminate a large area. Hangzhou ZGSM LED tunnel lights can illuminate a range of areas in a perfect way. And equipped with a fixed reflector with 120 ° corner which can easily light up large open spaces as well as warehouse aisle type of application program and parking lot lighting applications. The use of LED lights is endless. Our LED tunnel lights can also be applied for different requirements of the program, and with 7-year warranty, so you can set your mind at rest for the quality.

High luminous efficiency, simple and practical design are matching perfect with lights. High-quality aluminum die-cast housing with corrosion-resistant and electrostatic plastic coating, high polished aluminum reflector, high luminous efficiency and power factor LED drive power. Can saving energy by 50-70% compared with the halogen lamp, color temperature can be optional in 3000K-5700K, and the lighting fixture with a good cooling performance.

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Compared with traditional high-pressure sodium or metal halide tunnel lights, LED tunnel lights can give you an average of 50-65% reduction in electricity costs. They have more 3-5 times life than conventional lights, almost no maintenance costs. LED tunnel lights are superior to other types of lights because they do not produce discomfort glare or sudden flashing. This is just one of the ways that they are better than traditional tunnel lighting.

LED tunnel lights are environmental, does not produce ultraviolet, infrared, lead or mercury. They also do not produce any air pollution. With so many individuals and businesses wanting to find a greener way to operate, so we see why more and more LEDs are being selected as indicators in the market.

Another advantage of LED tunnel lights is that it can be customized for your specific projects. Because LED tunnel lights are more flexible than other types of lighting, they can be used in a variety of different areas in different ways. You can contact Hangzhou ZGSM, and provide you with LED tunnel lights that more suitable for your work environment.

LED lights still have a long way to go, in the past few years, they are the most common form in residential and commercial lighting applications on the market. We see that they are being used in a variety of situations and scenarios, which is why they can also be used for tunnel lights. Compared to ordinary incandescent, LED is brighter, produce better light.

Green for the environment, because they emit less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This is also a great selling point for LED tunnel lights. When you are using LED tunnel lights, you only need to use them for a long time, they just send out nice, clean, bright light that will not cause any UV or IR or damage.

There are many advantages of LED tunnel lights, so is being applied in a variety of areas.

Hangzhou ZGSM has been specializing in LED tunnel lights and other LED lights for more more than 10 years. For more details about LED tunnel light, contact ZGSM.

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