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Problems Should Pay Attention to When Installating LED Solar Li

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Created 2017-03-06
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Title Problems Should Pay Attention to When Installating LED Solar Li

LED solar street lights, as the name suggests, is the LED fixture use the sun light as main source energy, save up the electricity converted by the sun during the day, and output the current at night, making the lights lighting. LED solar lights are green light fixtures which have the advantages of low installation cost, low maintenance costs, security, energy saving, intelligent control, stable and durable, etc., so favored by more and more engineering.

At present, the common types of LED solar lights are street lights, garden lights and lawn lights. Although the installation of LED solar lights has no geographical restrictions, but because of its energy source has a special nature, therefore, we need to pay attention to the following problems when installing lights:

LED solar lights

As far as possible to choose a well-lit area. Due to the different latitude, height, climate and other factors, the effects of LED solar lights installation  in different places are not the same. Such as, Tibet is the most abundant area of ​​sunshine in China, therefore, the installation of solar lights in Tibet can make full use of local resources. On the contrary, solar lights can difficult to fully play its usefulness in the areas with more rainy season.

Avoid the occurrence of occlusion at the top of the lights. In the installation, must avoid the occurrence of occlusion at the top of the lights to ensure that the solar cell module to absorb and reserve energy, otherwise, will affect the use of lights at night.

Pay attention to the angle of the module of solar lights. When installating, we must ensure that the module of solar lights should be tilted fixed installation, the angle between the panel and the horizontal plane is about equal to increase 5 ~ 15 ° on the base of the latitude of installation location, to ensure that the absorption of light energy for solar panels.

However, whether a project should install LED solar lights, need related assessment by engineering, at the same time, to develop lighting programs according to the local conditions, fully integrate the local resources, so that the lamps can maximize its effectiveness.

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