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Parrots and Fertile parrots Eggs For Sale

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Category Emu, Ostrich, Rhea

Created 2017-05-31
Owner gomesrodrigues
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Title Parrots and Fertile parrots Eggs For Sale
Description Parrots and Fertile parrots Eggs For Sale

we are specialized in the breeding of birds/parrots and we sell very
fertile candle lit eggs of all species of parrots. all our eggs are
collected from very healthy birds in our aviary , candle tested and
100% confirmed fertile for hatching healthy babies . we are now taking
orders from those who are interested in raising up their own baby
birds from the eggs stage. its fun hatching your own baby(ies) from
eggs and we will assist you in any way to hatch out your birds
successfully. bellow is a list of some of the birds and eggs we have
for sale:
african grey parrots, cockatoo parrots,blue and gold macaw ,citron
cockatoo,jumbo brown coturnix quail and fertile fresh
eggs,parakeets,MACAW,ongo African Grey eggs,


Mohammed Sala ostrich group ltd :

Contact via email at
web site at
Zip 45238
City Cincinnati
State Ohio
Price $100.00
Quantity 500.00
Country United States