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These watches draw their power

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Created 2017-02-17
Owner jafanshen
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Title These watches draw their power
Description These watches draw their power not from size or complications, but from the innumerable subtleties of the bracelet, bezel, and case. A 14790 mid-size harnesses all three to great effect. AP aficionados looking for an authentic Royal Oak experience need look no farther. The dial of the Royal Oak 14790 captures the same essential aesthetic of its 39mm counterpart. With a waffle-like “tapisserie” pattern cut on a pantograph apparatus at traditional supplier Stern Creations (yes, those Sterns), the 14790 features the same visual signature and craft content of the famed “Jumbo.” Regarding size, neither the original 39mm nor the 36mm 14790 are in step with the high end of modern proportions. But the 14790 shares its larger predecessor’s habit of wearing larger than its nominal measurements.
City usa
State Hawaii
Price $11.00
Breed Not Specified
Country United States