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Wool Sheep

Wool Sheep for Sale by owners and sheep breeders

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add to favorites East Friesian dairy sheep 20111 Virginia $100.00 Ewe lamb Other
we have east friesian dairy sheep, for milking they are available in ewes, lambs and rams, contact us for more details
add to favorites Jordan brand will enter the football market Other Not Specified Not Specified
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add to favorites Very healthy goats, Merino sheep and bonsmara cow for sale California $60.00 Not Specified Merino
We have big and healthy goats,sheep and lambs available for wholesale prices.We have the following breed for goats, Boar Goat, Lamps , Dwaf, With Merino sheeps
add to favorites woolsheep for sale 676699710 Georgia Not Specified Not Specified
The majority of sheep are white, with an 81.836% chance of spawning. The light gray, dark gray, and black sheep have a 5% chance of spawning. Using a spawn egg to get one of these sheep types lies at a reasonable 15%. Brown sheep have an uncommon 3% chance to spawn. Pink sheep have a 0.164% of naturally us for more information on
add to favorites wool sheep for sale 676699710 Georgia Not Specified Not Specified
The majority of sheep are white, with an 81.836% chance of spawning. The light gray, dark gray, and black sheep have a 5% chance of spawning. Using a spawn egg to get one of these sheep types lies at a reasonable 15%. Brown sheep have an uncommon 3% chance to spawn. Pink sheep have a 0.164% of naturally spawning.
add to favorites CHEETAH CUBS, TIGER AND LION CUBS FOR SALE 90012 California $1,200.00 Baby Other
We are licensed breeders of big cats, and we currently have cubs of tiger, white lion, leopard, cheetah and tiger (i.e cross breed between lion and tiger) all ready for sale at very affordable prices. All our cubs are bottle-fed and raised in our home as home pets, so they are perfectly socialized and will make very good pets. We sell each cub with complete health papers from and approved vet., breeders guide manual and a 1 year health guarantee. Contact us for more info and photos. (EMAIL: text (772-783-3806)
add to favorites It must be noted that Buy Fifa Coins 230000 Iowa Not Specified Not Specified
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add to favorites 2013 Lambs for Sale 30121 Georgia Not Specified Other
Sheep for sale in Cartersville , Georgia. 2013 lambs (ewes & rams) and breeders. Suffolk - Romanov cross. $100.00 and up . email for more information or pictures -
add to favorites Shetland X Sheep 97630 Oregon $50.00 Not Specified Shetland
No Picture
Lambs, Lambs, Lambs. One 7/8 Shetland Ram 4+ mos. Very tame,charcoal color $75.00. Wyatt is to closely related to some of our ewes. He needs his own flock now.
We raise sheep @ our very small ranch for butcher (wonderful, great flavored lean meat).
Also; Our flock is registered with the Scrapie Program.
Our new lambs should be arriving in October.
Get ready to pick yours.
add to favorites Columbia sheep for sale Georgia $185.00 Not Specified Columbia
No Picture
we have a couple hundred columbia sheep on our 700 acre farm ,well there's all kinds of animals and birds but the sheep is the best tasting of all , great for lamb kabobs ,and lamb roats if you know how to make it ,please call for the availability ,we have lots of them but someone has made an offer already on all of our sheep ,one thing you gotta know about columbia sheep ,this sheep grows to 250lbs in 6 to 8 months .yup
add to favorites meatiest sheep for sale Alaska $350.00 Not Specified
ok so here you go,this is the meatiest sheep in the world with no fat whatsoever ,all ages,sexes available ,