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Real and the purest simmental cattle for sale

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Category Cattle Beef

Created 2009-09-03
Promotion level Gold
Title Real and the purest simmental cattle for sale
Description About half of our cows/cattle were sired The Dusseldorf Hunk f-24t7 . All sired Naturaly to get the best and growthy results The bull was Great and indeed the most beautiful bull ever just look atone of his daughter.
Calves were fed nicely and weaned a bit young because grass is tall!
Several 4-H and FFA members are coming to look at our beautiful cattle for show .
E-mail if you have any questions or for additional information or Photos.cattle for sale beef cattle for sale ,Remember these cows in the USA are a beef breed but in Germany that are kept more for milk than a beef cattle.
City pearl
State Mississippi
Price $2,900.00
Quantity 3.00
Gender Cow
Country United States