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Organic Produce, Organic Seeds & Organic Products

Organic Produce, Organic Seeds & Organic Products

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add to favorites Organic Yellow Sweet Corn - Picked Fresh Daily Hawaii
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Fresh Yellow Sweet Corn ( 8 for $1.00 ) - Excellent Flavor, Organically Grown (No Herbicides or Pesticides!!!)
"Very Sweet & Tender" While Supplies Last!
Open Monday thru Saturday from 8:00am till supply runs out! and Sundays from 9:00am till supply runs out!
add to favorites *FRESH FIGS** Fresh Organic Figs **Delicious** Hawaii
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Taking orders for delicious fresh picked organic figs. $1.50 a pound, minimum 10lb order. E-mail your order with a phone number. Or call John at 559 299-4456. We're located off of Herndon and Locan, by the Clovis Community Hospital.
HORSES LOVE 'EM!!!--bulk discount of $1/lb for any orders above 30lbs! Available while supplies last~

P.S. I believe these are the variety "ITALIAN HONEY" (aka Blanche, Lattarulla, Lemon, White Marseille)--they are a light-green/yellow color when ripe, &...sweet as honey!
There are some pictures here of other varities it may be:
add to favorites Certified Organic Wheat & straw For Sale Hawaii
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Certified Organic wheat 50 lb bag $20
organic wheat straw $5.00 per bale
add to favorites All natural 'organically grown' hay for sale Hawaii
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we have mixed grass hay available. Nice green hay, mixed grass and legumes, 45lb bales. $5 a bale, large quantity discount. Delivery available in Granville and Person counties for $30, other locations price depending on gas cost. A load is up to 100 bales. Hay is grown without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides, using manure and other natural soil amendments to maintain soil fertility. Not USDA organic but grown following the principles of sustainable management. Great for home dairy use to avoid chemical residues in milk
add to favorites FRESH ORGANIC HOPS FOR SALE Hawaii
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Fresh *Organic Hops

*Our hops are grown without fertilizers or insecticides. They are hand picked
and kiln dried within 1 hour.

Dry Cascade is $3.00 per oz. $32 per lb

Get the freshest hops right here locally from DF Hops Farm
add to favorites Organic Fertilizer for sale Hawaii
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Ag Grand Organic Fertilizer for sale. Great source for all your vegetation. Put nutrients back into the soil that are USDA Certified organic. Search ag grand and you will see for your self. I have friends using it on hay fields with great success and works in gardens and flower beds as well. I will have to place orders. Limited stock at this time but the bigger the order the cheaper the shipping.
add to favorites Organic Farm Fresh Eggs for sale Hawaii
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Organic Farm fresh eggs for sale $3.50 per dozen
come on people i have posting this ad for ever and looks like no one wants to wat organic eggs
add to favorites Organic Pork, Beef and Chickens for sale Hawaii
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Organic Pork is:
Farm raised, no hormones, organic fed. Sizes vary from 200 lbs and up. A live pig is $400.00. For an additional $100.00 the pig can be cut up. That price includes how you want it cut and what kind of meat you would like.
add to favorites Khaki Campbell Ducks - $10 Hawaii
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Khaki Campbell Ducks and Drakes

Born June 24, will be ready to lay in November/December

Fed Countryside Organic Feed , pasture raised

Limited Ducks available
add to favorites Organic compost for sale Hawaii
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Organic compost ( THE BLACK DIRT) Organic plant food .great for your yard , garden or flower beds . helps your land absorb water and helps it hold water too Also greatly helps loosen up the soil and keep it from becoming hard packed. for sale $30 . a pickup load picked up here at our place ( we Load )
add to favorites Eggs for Sale Organic & Free Range Hawaii
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Eggs for sale that our pet chickens provide us. Our chickens are entirely free-range and forage as they please. We provide them all natural grains and corn that are anti-biotic free. They are especially happy and friendly and provide the greatest brown eggs. Eggs are collected daily and refrigerated so they are ultra fresh. Price is $2.00 per dozen and sold in small bags--not plastic carton
add to favorites organic compost ( the BLACK dirt ) Hawaii
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Organic compost ( THE BLACK DIRT) Organic plant food .great for your yard , garden or flower beds . helps your land absorb water and helps it hold water too Also greatly helps loosen up the soil and keep it from becoming hard packed. for sale $30 . a pickup load picked up here at our place ( we Load ) . Delivery extra with in 20 miles of Polkton Or Mt Gilead OR more AT ADDED COST . We also deliver to the Kona Hawaii
add to favorites Orgainic peas and okra for sale Hawaii
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Organic grown peas for sale $1.00 Ib or $18.00 a bushell.
Okra & 1.50 Ib. All home grown
add to favorites Fresh Organic Eggs for sale Hawaii
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Fresh organic cage free eggs! Better than what you get at the grocery store! Brown eggs and some white eggs. Large and extra large size. $2.00 a dozen or $3.00 18 pack. I will deliver to some places in Gaston county
add to favorites Organic Angus beef at just 1.10 per pound hanging weight Washington
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Angus Beef for sale $1.10lb. Hanging Weight on the rail cut and wrap included. Beef will be available for sale till the Sept. 8th
Order now only one left.
we hang our beef in a cooler for about 13 to 15 days so it gives you a great flavor plus it cuts the cooking time ,so once you put it on grill its done tender and juicy in 10 minutes,
live cattle is also available for sale,all Angus and some Charolais
add to favorites Raw and organic macadamia nuts for sale Hawaii
Organic + raw unsalted out of shell macadamia nuts for sale ,great with coffee or eat 'em raw a great source of vitamin-b 17 .
they are $3 per pound delivery available to all 50 states + Canada
add to favorites fresh organic fruit from our orchard Georgia
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Organic Peaches, peaches, peaches, and organic cherries and organic apricots, and organic plums and prunes, and lots of peaches and peaches and peaches ..hey so what its a peach state anyway you pick peaches any fruits at .55 cents per pound ,we pick then it would be .95 cents per pound.