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Farm Real Estate Listings

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Farm Real Estate Listings

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For ample projects that crave baneful Shoe Adhesive , abrasion long-sleeved shirts and pants, goggles, elastic gloves, and a respirator (available at accouterments stores).

- If appliance baneful glues, don't abrasion bendable acquaintance lenses; they can blot bread-and-butter fumes.

- Consistently use glues in a aerial area, and alter the cap or lid deeply afterwards applying the product, even during common applications.

- You can actuate of controllable glues and afire adhesive in the accustomed trash, but save spent containers of added adhesives for hazardous-waste collection.

- Afire glues band instantly, not just to ambition surfaces, but to derma as well. If this happens, alarm a adulteration ascendancy centermost or doctor immediately. If appliance this affectionate of glue, be abnormally accurate not to blow your aperture or eyes with your fingers.

The safest glues and adhesives are adhesive sticks, library paste, mucilage, white glue, and chicken carpenter's Polyurethane Glue Manufacturer - all low-odor and nontoxic. If starting a project, accede whether one will serve in abode of a baneful product. White glue, for example, works decidedly able-bodied for laying balk floors.

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From a architectonics standpoint, the alarming Optical Termination Box aswell accomplish it difficult to add or change lighting for the basin lights. A accustomed adjustment involves alteration the ball by clarification the baptize or by appliance altered atramentous lens to accomplish the adapted colors.

Electricity demands that a accoutrement accepting used needs to accept the ablaze antecedent afar from the baptize so that a affiliation amidst the two can never be possible.

This about involves some adjustment of bottle lens captivated by a metal frame, and afresh the ablaze needs to be of a rather top wattage to axle through the water. It is alone analytic that a abundant accord of calefaction can physique up in the lens and frame. This poses the botheration of a swimmer accepting austere by the fixture.

The aqueous ambiance of the pond basin or spa has consistently presented specific problems to the designer. Appliance electricity at or abreast baptize consistently does, that isn't the alone affair though. Lights aftermath calefaction and brighter lights aftermath even other heat.

While there were absolute lights for pools affiliated afore Fiber Distribution Point , they were bulky, and it was consistently difficult to change a burned-out bulb. Fiber optics has fabricated it achievable to not alone accumulate electricity from the water, but it has aswell fabricated manipulating the ball a abundant easier process.

add to favorites Fujihd China Elevator are in actuality safe Texas $1.00 alternative energy
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Statistically, China Elevator are in actuality safe, as affiliated as their safety adeptness action appropriately and cartage accept in actuality axial the car. A lot of elevator-related injuries and fatalities arise to architectonics or aliment workers, followed by bodies who abatement down shafts or are ashamed afterwards accepting angled in elevator doors or amidst floors.

Modern elevators blemish safety adeptness to admonition ahead calamitous falls. Assimilation elevators, which move cars up and down accoutrement breathing cables, pulleys and counterweights, accepting a speed-sensing governor.

If the car zips bottomward too quickly, the governor activates brakes on the elevator's biking rails.

Assimilation elevators aswell locate switches alternating the elevator shaft, which ascertain cars as they coulee and accept slowdowns and stops at the acclimatized believability in their travel, whether during a acclimatized stop or because the car is abasement too fast. Commemoration of the four to eight breathing cables in a assimilation elevator is able many by itself to ascendancy the car.

Hydraulic elevators, which lift and lower Observation Elevator cars accoutrement a abettor jack affiliated to the one auto mechanics use to lift automobiles, about abridgement the safety adeptness of assimilation elevators (unless the builders install acclimatized aftermarket safety brakes).

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FIFA 17’s new The Journey setting, focussing on Fifa coins Buy the meteoric increase of Alex Hunter, is very a long experience but you obtain multiple Ultimate Team benefits along the way. As you complete specific objectives in the story, for example getting your professional contract provide, you will be given packs redeemable in the popular Ultimate Group mode. There will be five benefits given to you throughout The Trip, with the final one becoming rather special. The first 4 are loan player packs that give you a player to make use of for a specified number of fits. The rating of the gamer you get in the pack raises as you get further with the Journey.
add to favorites Naoki Yoshida Addresses 'Final Fantasy XIV' PvP Future 15 Hawaii $12.00 alternative energy
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Within a current interview with Korean internet site Inven, director and producer Naoki Yoshida talked in regards to the future of PvP for the MMORPG FINAL FANTASY XIV as well as the possibility of it becoming an e-sport. PvP is usually a must-have in most online games. Its lack is usually the sole explanation a big amount of potential players won't even a attempt a game. Some titles for instance PHANTASY STAR On the web two are so cautious together with the implementation of PvP that it takes them years to perform so, though other individuals, a great deal Final Fantasy XIV, have it obtainable in the begin. Released in patch 2.1 of A Realm Reborn, FINAL FANTASY XIV's PvP have received consistently help with additions and alterations, several of which adhere to user feedback. Thats to not say the mode isnt flawed. Dedicated players can easily list what's lacking in Eorzean PvP, from balance to crucial modifications and disappointing rewards. Led by director and producer Naoki Yoshida, the improvement group is continually trying their greatest to introduce new content while addressing the concerns and complaints from the neighborhood. In an interview with Korean web-site Inven, Yoshida talked in regards to the future of PvP going into Stormblood (the games subsequent expansion) as well as the need of bringing FINAL FANTASY XIV into the e-sports scene. When asked no matter if there were any updates relating to the concept of FFXIV becoming an e-sport, Yoshida answered "We're in fact appropriate in the middle of getting cheap FFXIV Gil discussions with sponsors." He mentioned that the improvement group possess a great deal of points to think about just before they could start an official league, such as the truth that players would need to undergo PvE in order to gear up, obtaining also a lot of skills offered, along with the need for a spectator mode (addressed in patch three.4). Additionally to that, the director was asked concerning the possibility of a Planet Championship PvP Tournament. "[...] is undoubtedly in our minds and to go forward with that we want to possess a tournament to make a decision the champions of each and every country." He stated. "With four.0, the feedback we received will likely be applied to PvP content material and also the modifications will involve a number of advice we got from men and women within the e-sports community (normally, not just FFXIV) [...]" The community does not look as thrilled with the thought of FINAL FANTASY XIV breaking in to the e-sports scene, as they note the mode is flawed since it is and it would call for a particular concentrate to help keep up with competitors. Reddit user Raziao mentions that "the location was practically a ghost town with half the seats empty" in reference towards the PvP showcase at the North American FFXIV Fan Festival. "If it already cannot draw a lot of an audience at its own festival I would envision it would be an uphill battle to buy FFXIV Gil obtain it to 'esportsdom'." There's no shortage of reasons as to why Square Enix's major MMORPG would not thrive within the e-sports market. Let us know within the comments beneath what you think of FINAL FANTASY XIV's PvP, what could modify, and how it would fare as an e-sport.
add to favorites World Of Warcraft Players Talk about Excellent On the Game 15 Hawaii $12.00 alternative energy
MMORPG is amongst the hardest video games to make and retain. This really is mainly because the world is so large, so large that have to be consistently updated, so that players can continue to play the game. Unlike other types, dollars will not be right here by way of a game or purchase , but come in by way of continuous subscriptions and micro-trading "entry". World of Warcraft may be the longest operating MMORPG at the moment, and it nevertheless performed effectively though its player data has declined. But a player wants to buy wow gold know if it'll bring a massive expense. This comes from World of Warcraft players and users Dotexe. He pointed out in an short article that he saw a large quantity of players leaving World of Warcraft. He noticed the famous YouTubers and the streamers left, as well as far more casual players. It occurred sufficient to make him wonder why. He concluded that the recent expansion on the Legion could possibly be the bring about. In his view, it's taking a lot of the exciting out with the game. "I feel that several of the enjoyable has been brought out the release of the Legion. No one inside the proper mind will really feel excited regarding the farming artifact power for two hours just to get a trait," he said in his thread. He goes on to say that another explanation may very well be just the PvP, which was as soon as the principle picture of World of Warcraft players. He said, PVP is now "too bursty", plus a great deal of entertaining from the fighting people has been taken away. “Was it the playerbase's fault that PvP is so %^-*ing bursty? Because some idiots could not 1v1 a healer, (Which they most likely shouldn't be capable of).” Other players weighed in on his complaints. Lots of people can not see his point of view, that the Corps is actually a really excellent extension. Other folks are far more blunt, saying that if he had an issue with World of Warcraft, then he should really leave. A number of people agree with what he says, but not totally on his side. While it's undeniable that the players leave World of Warcraft, but can not pick out a basic cause for why. It can be a game, it could be them, it may be anything in their lives. If you'd like to weigh your personal knowledge, the game just after the Legion, go to the forum thread, or let us know within the following comments and go to to obtain low-priced wow gold to play the World of Warcraft game.
add to favorites Overview of H-series LED street lights 311301 Other $1.00 alternative energy
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Overview of H-series LED street lights:
  For over 10 years, ZGSM has been dedicated to creating a better quality, eco-friendly, efficient lighting environment through diverse businesses of LED street lights and more LED lighting.
  Hangzhou ZGSM LED street lights includes H-series LED street lights, H2-series LED streets lights, H4-series LED streets lights, H5-series LED streets lights, D2-series LED streets lights and so on. All of our LED street lights have a high luminous efficiency and better service life. Provide 7 years warranty on luminaire.
  Product advantages of H-series LED street lights are below:
  Power from 35W to 230W.
  System lumen efficacy up to 110 lm/w.
  Philips Lumileds Luxeon TX chips.
  Meanwell HLG series Driver.
  100,000 hours under L70 standard, LM80 & TM21.
  10kv/6kv Surge Protection Device.
  Guaranteed 7 years warranty.
  IP66 IK10 Rated.
add to favorites Introduction of Gas Station Lights 311301 Other $1.00 alternative energy
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Gas station lighting basically use a metal halide lamp as a lighting source,with metal shell plus acrylic lampshade to improve the explosion-proof performance. Metal halide lamps as gas station lights, the most important problem is too much heat, the surface temperature can up to 800-1000 ℃ when working, in order to achieve the purpose of insulation of the heat, it installs the acrylic lampshade. But the light passing rate and light source utilization rate have been greatly decreased. At the same time, the surface temperature is still as high as 80 ℃ or more, for the gas station is still a security risk.

gas station lights for sale 

ZGSM recently developed a series of energy-efficient LED gas station lights for various levels of filling station ceiling lighting and specially designed products, with its excellent energy-saving performance (compared to the traditional lamp, the energy-saving rate is 70-80%) and cold light source has low calorific value, long life (more than 100,000 hours) and other advantages, will help gas station operator eliminate the security risks, and increase the safety assurance factor. At the same time, there will be a significant reduction for cost of electricity costs and replacement lamps and maintenance costs. If it’s a new filling stations, there will be saving in the construction phase of the cable, transformers and other transmission and distribution facilities, such as a substantial investment savings. 

LED ultra energy-efficient gas station light is our own research and development of national patent products, it has the following characteristics: 

Comparing with metal halide lamp and other traditional gas station lighting products, there will be more than 70-80% energy saving; 

100000 hours of long life, and in the life span can be maintenance-free; 

Operating temperature below 55 ℃, greatly reducing security risks of using traditional metal halide lamp due to high temperature. In this way, it increases the gas station security factor;  

It has a strong ability to withstand voltage fluctuations in the 90V-305V in the normal work environment; 

Color temperature 3,000K-6,000K can be customized; 

It’s point light source, can do Light distribution design according to the user's actual needs.  

Excellent start-up performance, no special start-up device and start-up time.  

Easy to install, with the same installation of traditional lighting, during the life-span, it almost don’t need maintenance; l 5-year warranty.

add to favorites Brief Classification of ZGSM Industrial Lighting Fixtures 311301 Other $1.00 alternative energy
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Industrial lighting fixtures, as its name tells that they are generally applied in industrial factories, processing workshops, warehouses, large machine tools and other places. It is simple to install and easy to dismantle (can be used rod hanging, hook hanging or suction hanging, and other flexible ways of industrial lighting installation).

Brief classification of ZGSM industrial lighting:

Wide-type according to vast industrial lighting area adopted frosted reflector,the surface after electrostatic spray treatment, more durable and strong. So the light is relatively wide and the irradiation area is as wide as about seven meters relatively. This type can be used for conference rooms, classrooms and other environmental lighting.


Deep type, with shell reflector and polished surface, the industrial lighting source will focus on the distribution exposure to a high degree can reach seven meters or more, suitable for tall room or need to highlight the industrial lighting of the place. The industrial lighting irradiation is not only far, but also carries high power. This type of industrial lighting are often used in large warehouses, machinery production workshop and other high plant height, and in accordance with the different types of power, and some are used in ultra-high plant industrial workshop, and some for the high degree of plant.

Special deep-type

Special deep-type industrial lighting, based on the improvement of nowadays energy-efficient concept, equivalent to a continuation of deep-type industrial lighting , representing the different times of the progress of the development of different industrial lighting fixtures.

Average distribution type

Uniform industrial light distribution style makes light source relatively even, not as deep as the type or special deep ones we discussed, the industrial lighting irradiation is more concentrated, uniform industrial lighting illumination will not focus, giving a visual sense of a more symmetrical halo, but this type can almost only be installed in the height of seven meters below the industrial areas.

add to favorites How Many do You Know About LED Canopy Lights 311301 Other $1.00 alternative energy
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LED canopy lights have smooth appearance, and lights are not protruding, usually the lights are equipped with reflective substrate. There are not much LED canopy lights in the ordinary residential, but more in the room with conditioning and ceiling, because of the embedded lights have a dark sense, therefore, often need to be used in conjunction with other lights.

LED canopy light need to be holed in the ceiling or wall, the light body is embedded in ceiling or wall, after installation, the light body structure is completely or partially embedded in the mounting surface, the whole is not exposed , that is to say, we can only see the lighting side of the light, the other part is embedded into buildings or other objects that invisible. 

Compared LED canopy lights with LED downlights

Compared with the traditional LED downlights, LED canopy lights has the following advantages: energy saving, low carbon, long life, good color, fast response. The desigh of LED canopy lights are more beautiful and light, can maintain the whole unity and perfection of the architectural decoration when installation, does not damage the lights set, the light source is hidden in building interior and not exposed, no glare, visual effect is soft and uniform.

led canopy lights

The use of led canopy lights:

The number of led canopy lights depends on the size of the room. The lights on the surface provides the bright light that work required. They are usually hidden under the device installed on the wall. Light source is placed in these devices, the light has the effect of decorating ceiling.

The spotlight can be used to highlight a particular feature, provide light for cooker or dish or shelf of appliance.

Classification of led canopy lights:

Led canopy lights can be divided into 2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch, 2.5 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch according to size. Generally, three parameters have a relationship with size, outside diameter, hole size, thickness. That is the size of the hole in the ceiling construction. 

Led canopy lights can be classified into high-power lights, small-power lights and integrated lights according to lights, of which the high-power light can be divided into 1W, 2W, 3W single light, chip and packaging of good supplier can make lights reached 5W and 10W power; small-power light can be divided into 3014, 3528, 5050 and so on according to the package; Integrated lights, that COB, from the appearance and heat dissipation, in the theory, small power lights is relatively without spot, heat dissipation is also relatively good, more and more loved by customers.

add to favorites Prospect of China Outdoor Lighting is Considerable 311301 Other $1.00 alternative energy
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As an important part of the smart city, in the promotion of the government, urban lighting will usher in a new round of development opportunities. Survey data shows that China's outdoor lighting industry with the growth rate more than 40% every year, it is expected to reach 4 billion 700 million dollars in 2016. Current domestic LED outdoor lighting applications are growing and popularizing rapidly.

Under the new situation, construction of smart city, promotion of green lighting, realization of the sustainable development of the city, has become the responsibilities and objectives of government work, LED outdoor lighting industry will get more development space, especially in the filed of road lighting and landscape lighting. At present, after years' exploration and development, LED outdoor lighting has a technology innovation breakthrough and progress in the application process, has completed the qualitative accumulation, prices decline, the market continued steady growth. The appeal and attention of outdoor lighting intelligent are more and more higher.

outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting intelligent has become an inevitable trend.

Lighting is not only to meet the requirements of people's vision, but also to meet the art requirements, change the feeling of a space by adjusting the light. In the LED outdoor lighting, intelligent management system is growing rapidly, the development of intelligent lighting control technology make outdoor lighting achieve the energy-saving goals through the interaction between light - environment - people". LED outdoor lighting fixtures will no longer be a body without contact, but network and multimedia lighting. Many professionals with years of outdoor landscape lighting design and construction experience make it clear that outdoor intelligent lighting is the trend, and hope thatintelligent lighting is not only switch controlling or the realization of the scene, but also is a comprehensive definition of intelligent lighting, truly reflecting its practicality.

It is understood that the intelligent lighting of outdoor lighting can save more energy, create a comfortable sense of three-dimensional, hierarchical, and is conducive to people's physical and mental health.

In recent years, many international first-line lighting brand enterprises have begun to layout the feild of sensing, communications, multimedia and other intelligent control. According to the survey, 70%-80% of the designers in the outdoor lighting application process, they have the technology awareness, but not too much practical experience in the application of intelligent lighting. The industry has talked about the smart city, intelligent outdoor lighting for a long time, but for the real practical and reliable intelligent outdoor lighting products and control systems, there is still a long way to go.

Outdoor lighting needs to greatly enhance the user experience 

In recent years, a large number of lighting lighting project quickly emerged, is one of important markets that LED business competed. Large-scale projects can promote the rapid development of LED industry, and LED lights live up to expectations, in the municipal lighting, landscape engineering, street lights reconstruction, stadium lighting projects and other projects, Outdoor lighting display excellently its advantages of long life, high brightness, energy saving and environmental protection. Forecast to 2017, China's outdoor LED lighting output is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan.

add to favorites Problems Existing in the Application of LED High Bay Lights 311301 Other $1.00 alternative energy
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Now many factory buildings are all steel structure, generally this kind of factory buildings using LED high bay lights more, because the irradiation distance of LED high bay lights are far, to achieve reasonable lighting conditions, LED high bay lights are the most appropriate choice! There are also many factory buildings using ordinary energy-saving lights, disadvantage of these energy-saving lights "save electricity but not money" in the use. Some enterprises mark the light power standard highly, but can not up to; the brightness of the lights are good in the beginning of the use, but soon grew dark, and life is very short.

Energy saving and emission reduction is a basic requirement for domesticindustrial lightingnow, is also in line with the development of enterprise interests. To achieve energy-saving and emission reduction must be given more attention on the type of the factory lighting, so as to ensure good lighting conditions, can effectively improve the work efficiency of staff in enterprise. So enterpris must pay more attention to choosing industrial lighting.

In the era of the rise of LED lighting, LED high bay lights has entered various factories, each workshops in the actual application. There are still some 

First, glare.

Second, impression of space. The light emitted by current LED high bay lights  basicly vertical downward, most of the LED light fixtures are with aluminum cover, due to the brightness of LED chip surface is high, so the top of the factory building is very dark, so that creates a sharp contrast between the light below and the light above, give a person a heavy sense of oppression, resulting in lack of impression of space.

Third, because now chips of LED high bay lights used by many factories are using the way of single tile, so there will be spot for each single light in industrial lighting, a large integrated chip will generate a lot of spot, making the object illuminated by the lights appear more obvious ghost.

Fourth, the problem of reflection, because the LED is mainly direct light, together with the plant worktop mostly metal materials, a lot of light will be directly into the human eyes, greatly reducing the work comfort of the workers, so some people will feel uncomfortable when factories using LED lighting. In fact, the color rendering index of LED high bay light is obvious, but also far ahead in energy efficiency, and now the main problem is concentrated in the comfortable sensation of the work environment, which is the the aspects of improvement that LED high bay light manufacturers need to strengthen.

As mentioned above, LED high bay lights used by factory is also a lack of basic research in the application process, the lighting requirements of traditional high bay lights achieve through the reflector, and LED products achieve lightin through the the lens and reflector in the middle. However, due to the study of the lens is not very mature, and more are moved traditional high bay lights to imitate, which makes the problem of glaring and unilluminating.

add to favorites LED Light Fixtures will Become the Mainstay of the Lighting Mar 311301 Other $1.00 alternative energy
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Incandescent lamps in memory, perhaps can buy no longer in the future. According to the "phase-out incandescent road map in China" issued by 2010 National Development and Reform Commission and other five ministries. From  October 1 this year, China will ban or import the sale of general lighting incandescent lamp of 15-watt and above. Energy-saving lights, LED light fixtures have become the mainstream lighting products on the market, the lighting market has ushered in another development opportunities. 

General lighting has the features of huge market space, widely distributed, the low geographical concentration, taking the challenges to the market and industry regulation.

The phase-out plan of incandescent lamps will be coming.

In 2011, the Development and Reform Commission announced "China phase out incandescent road map, divided phase out incandescent road map; into five stages: November 1, 2011 to September 30, 2012 for the transition period, from October 1,2012 ban on the import and sale of general lighting incandescent with 100 watts and above, from October 1, 2014, ban on the import and sale of general lighting incandescent with 60 watts and above, October 1, 2015 to September 30, 2016 are medium-term evaluation period, from October 1, 2016, ban on the import and sale of ordinary incandescent lighting with 15-watt and above, or adjusted as the results of medium-term evaluation. According to the "road map", the phase-out plan of incandescent lamps will be coming.

In addition to this road map, Beijing has also introduced related programs of phase out incandescent lamps, compared to more stringent. In 2012, the Beijing Development and Reform Commission issued "Beijing eliminated the general lighting incandescent lamps action plan (2011-2015)", plans to stop imports and sales of incandescent lamps with 15 watts and above, before 2015. In the end of 2015, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, commercial office, industrial enterprises and other production units to fully stop the use of incandescent lamps.

Currently on the market in Beijing, has been difficult to see the incandescent lamps. Well-known home retailers IKEA announced in 2015, the global IKEA stores will only sell LED light fixtures, no longer sell incandescent lamps. Some business men said: There are few manufacturers to sell incandescent lamps, incandescent lamps with high power consumption, easy to bad, there are some light fixtures with more lamps may need to achieve certain lighting by using incandescent lamps, but the family commonly used the lamps and lanterns.

LED home lighting market is optimistic.

Incandescent lights farewell to the market, what kind of lighting products will become the mainstay of the market? At present, in the domestic market, the main types of general lighting are incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, high pressure gas discharge lamps, fluorescent lamps and LED lights, of which, fluorescent lamps has the largest market share. However, the current market believes that led light fixtures will become the main product of home lighting in future.

add to favorites Advantages of LED Tunnel Lights 311301 Other $1.00 alternative energy
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In the world, high-power LED tunnel lighting technology has become the most economical, environmentally friendly, energy-saving products. LED tunnel lights have many advantages, after many years' research and development, Hangzhou ZGSM has occupied a place in the LED market.

When illuminating the large open space, due to the design of the irradiation angle of ordinary LED tunnel lights, most of the light is wasted, usually difficult to illuminate a large area. Hangzhou ZGSM LED tunnel lights can illuminate a range of areas in a perfect way. And equipped with a fixed reflector with 120 ° corner which can easily light up large open spaces as well as warehouse aisle type of application program and parking lot lighting applications. The use of LED lights is endless. Our LED tunnel lights can also be applied for different requirements of the program, and with 7-year warranty, so you can set your mind at rest for the quality.

High luminous efficiency, simple and practical design are matching perfect with lights. High-quality aluminum die-cast housing with corrosion-resistant and electrostatic plastic coating, high polished aluminum reflector, high luminous efficiency and power factor LED drive power. Can saving energy by 50-70% compared with the halogen lamp, color temperature can be optional in 3000K-5700K, and the lighting fixture with a good cooling performance.

tunnel lights

Compared with traditional high-pressure sodium or metal halide tunnel lights, LED tunnel lights can give you an average of 50-65% reduction in electricity costs. They have more 3-5 times life than conventional lights, almost no maintenance costs. LED tunnel lights are superior to other types of lights because they do not produce discomfort glare or sudden flashing. This is just one of the ways that they are better than traditional tunnel lighting.

LED tunnel lights are environmental, does not produce ultraviolet, infrared, lead or mercury. They also do not produce any air pollution. With so many individuals and businesses wanting to find a greener way to operate, so we see why more and more LEDs are being selected as indicators in the market.

Another advantage of LED tunnel lights is that it can be customized for your specific projects. Because LED tunnel lights are more flexible than other types of lighting, they can be used in a variety of different areas in different ways. You can contact Hangzhou ZGSM, and provide you with LED tunnel lights that more suitable for your work environment.

LED lights still have a long way to go, in the past few years, they are the most common form in residential and commercial lighting applications on the market. We see that they are being used in a variety of situations and scenarios, which is why they can also be used for tunnel lights. Compared to ordinary incandescent, LED is brighter, produce better light.

Green for the environment, because they emit less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This is also a great selling point for LED tunnel lights. When you are using LED tunnel lights, you only need to use them for a long time, they just send out nice, clean, bright light that will not cause any UV or IR or damage.

There are many advantages of LED tunnel lights, so is being applied in a variety of areas.

Hangzhou ZGSM has been specializing in LED tunnel lights and other LED lights for more more than 10 years. For more details about LED tunnel light, contact ZGSM.

add to favorites Problems Should Pay Attention to When Installating LED Solar Li 311301 Other $1.00 alternative energy
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LED solar street lights, as the name suggests, is the LED fixture use the sun light as main source energy, save up the electricity converted by the sun during the day, and output the current at night, making the lights lighting. LED solar lights are green light fixtures which have the advantages of low installation cost, low maintenance costs, security, energy saving, intelligent control, stable and durable, etc., so favored by more and more engineering.

At present, the common types of LED solar lights are street lights, garden lights and lawn lights. Although the installation of LED solar lights has no geographical restrictions, but because of its energy source has a special nature, therefore, we need to pay attention to the following problems when installing lights:

LED solar lights

As far as possible to choose a well-lit area. Due to the different latitude, height, climate and other factors, the effects of LED solar lights installation  in different places are not the same. Such as, Tibet is the most abundant area of ​​sunshine in China, therefore, the installation of solar lights in Tibet can make full use of local resources. On the contrary, solar lights can difficult to fully play its usefulness in the areas with more rainy season.

Avoid the occurrence of occlusion at the top of the lights. In the installation, must avoid the occurrence of occlusion at the top of the lights to ensure that the solar cell module to absorb and reserve energy, otherwise, will affect the use of lights at night.

Pay attention to the angle of the module of solar lights. When installating, we must ensure that the module of solar lights should be tilted fixed installation, the angle between the panel and the horizontal plane is about equal to increase 5 ~ 15 ° on the base of the latitude of installation location, to ensure that the absorption of light energy for solar panels.

However, whether a project should install LED solar lights, need related assessment by engineering, at the same time, to develop lighting programs according to the local conditions, fully integrate the local resources, so that the lamps can maximize its effectiveness.

add to favorites Lighting Characteristics and Requirements of Indoor Stadium Lig 311301 Other $1.00 alternative energy
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Badminton, table tennis and other types of balls are multi-directional, multi-angle flighting in the air, players playing the balls are multi-angle, making multi-phase movement at different speeds, it is always a process of tracking, capturing and focused imaging between the human eyes and the badminton and table tennis. The process of playing the ball is the process of tracking the ball flight path and aerial positioning.

For indoor badminton, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, tennis and other sports stadium lights. There are a number of lighting effect indicators should be reached. However, from the practical point of view in practical exercise, for the civil fitness indoor stadium with leisure and fitness, lighting quality level should not be adopt a unitary standard of rigid indicators. According to the investment situation, playing level of players etc. many other technical and economic factors, determined by the investment operators in a reasonable range.

Meeting the use is practical, practical is good. A lot of stadium lighting cases of indoor badminton, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, tennis show that: indoor lighting of civil stadium with fitness function which grasping the following five aspects of lighting quality, lighting effects can reach a certain level, will be able to meet playing exercise requirements.

stadium lights

Indoor stadium lights should be no glare.

Once there is glare in badminton, table tennis, basketball, volleyball and other indoor stadium lighting, multiple locations and different angles of stadium will produce glare. Players can only see a strong stimulation of light, but can not see the flying ball, produced dazzling or discomfort visual effects in the visual system.

Indoor stadium lights should be no stroboscopic effect.

At present, in badminton, table tennis, basketball, volleyball and other indoor stadium lighting, the stadium lights widely used are metal halide lights, bar lights, ordinary high-power energy-saving lights and so on. They have varying degrees of stroboscopic and stroboscopic effect.

Indoor stadium lights should be high color performance.

Lights only are bright, it is also important that light should with color. Light is just the founder of the colorful world. The principle of visual physiology reveals that light energy acts on the human visual organs, not only in the visual perception system to produce bright sense, but also to produce a sense of color. In the bright visual state, the bright sense corresponds to the intensity of the light energy, and the color sense corresponds to the wavelength of the light energy.

Indoor stadium lights should be the sun color.

Sunlight radiated to the ground are mainly three parts of UV-light, visible light, infrared light. UV-light and infrared light are invisible to the human eye, the light that the human eye can see is visible spectrum.

Indoor stadium lights should be energy saving.

The economic and technical objectives that indoor stadium lights in badminton, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, tennis and other stadium lighting should pursued is to achieve the most bright, clear, true and comfortable lighting quality in the most reasonable investment in lighting fixtures and minimum lighting operating costs.

In current, there are many lights can be used for indoor stadium lighting, such as J-series LED stadium lights in Hangzhou ZGSM, we have great advantages in price, technical performance, the number of lights used in stadium, lighting effects and so on. We are leading in the field of lighting.

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In recent years, LED lighting industry is becoming mature in Europe, the United States, Japan and other places, China's domestic market competition tends to white-hot, and turn into the era of fighting the scale, fighting the price. The establishment of the ASEAN Community and the promotion of the strategy of "The Belt and Road Initiative", leaving LED lights manufacturers increasing the attention rate in Southeast Asia and Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey etc. "The Belt and Road Initiative" national market year by year.

Turkey is another booming emerging economy after "BRIC countries", China, Russia, India, Brazil and South Africa. It enjoys the reputation of "Next Eleven" in the international community and has become the member of "Economic Security Council" G20. According to data from 2016, Turkey's economy grew by a percent of 4.8, making it become one of the top five fastest-growing economies in the world.

With the construction of Silk Road economic belt and 21st century maritime Silk Road, China and Turkey once again in close contact, the two sides have a wider range of cooperation in the areas of frastructure construction, economic and trade. According to the latest data released by the Turkish Statistical Bureau, the first half of 2016, China-Turkey trade amounted to 13.716 billion US dollars, up to 0.73% year on year. Among them, Turkey imports 12.728 billion US dollars from China, up to 2.48% year on year, exports 989 million US dollars to China, low to 17.44% year on year. Data shows that China is the second largest trading partner for Turkey, the proportion of China and Turkey trade volume accounted for total foreign trade of Turkey rose 0.1%, China and Turkey trade deficit expanded 4.61% year on year.

On the LED lights industry, from the data of General Administration of Customs shows that in the first half of 2015, China's total exports of LED lighting
products about 50 billion US dollars, grow 16% compared with the first half of 2014 year on year, of which more than 45 million US dollars exported to Turkey. First half of 2016, China's top ten key areas of LED products exports amounted to 20.221 billion US dollars, of which the amount of exports of Turkey over 129 million, jumped to 28th.

With the development of the local economy, in recent years, productivity of the Turkish lighting industry has been greatly improved, but still the lack of LED lights manufacturers, LED technology is low, high production costs, unable to meet the local demand, mainly rely on imports, then brings business opportunities to overseas suppliers.

Due to the changment of government investment in outdoor lighting, the penetration rate of LED lighting will show an exponential rise in the next few years, replacing the traditional halogen lamps and incandescent lamps in rural areas. The data shows that the market size of current lighting and lighting market in Turkey is about 350 million US dollars. Research and Markets expects the Turkish LED market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 15.6% from 2016 to 2022. By the the year of 2022, the market size will reach 344 million US dollars. In the Turkish market, LED signage and billboards are expected to have the highest growth rate.

In addition, because of its special geographical location, national manufacturers regard Turkey as a strategic market. Turkey across the Eurasian
continent, north of the Black Sea, south of the Mediterranean, west of the Aegean Sea, so the products exported to Turkey, can be exported to the Middle East, Europe and even Africa and other markets. Turkey has a customs union with the European Union, the EU is Turkey's traditional market; the transport only takes 6-11 days from Turkey to major European countries. Istanbul and Turkey share the European information in a large extent. By understanding the Turkish market, you can understand the latest European market letter, making enterprises seize the opportunity in the fierce competition.

As a famous led light manufacturer, Hangzhou ZGSM has been specializing in led lights for sale, for more details, see in

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At present, there are many low-cost and low-quality LED lights in the market, many people may be wondering how do those cheap LED lights make. The characteristic of China LED lights market is the price. As for the technical parameters, life, warranty period etc. are ignored by many customers.

Buyers will choose cheap LED lights, but can cheap LED lights manufacturers make quality products?

How did those cheap LED lights make? Costs of LED lighting are three aspects- lamp beads, shell, drive power. In order to make the lowest price ,they will do effort only in these three areas.

Lamp beads - 1W lamp beads in Zhongshan Guzhen can sell 2 cents, why do they dare to sell two cents? The gold wire inside of lamp beads instead by copper wire, other raw materials instead by low-quality material, which consumers can not perceive, and marked 1W, but may be only 0.5W with the device detection, and consumers are generally not to test.

Shell - with some corner aluminum or plastic, cost in 1 to 3 yuan.

Drive power - the poor driver on the market today have been sold more than one yuan, and even lower, so you can not know how many manufacturers who making LED lights collapsed, and those who irresponsible but to do poor-driven business, earn many money.

In this way, the cost of LED light is just more than 10 yuan.

Businessmen have to make money. And then count the management costs, inventory costs, development costs, etc., and about 5% business extraction, the price of 3W LED lights can not be less than 10 yuan! 

So, how to pick a good LED fixtures? The following points are for reference:

LED brightness is different, the price is different. LED lamps for LED fixtures should be suitable for laser class Ⅰ standard.

LED with strong anti-static ability has long life, and thus with a high prices.

LEDs with a consistent wavelength, have a same color, such as the requirements of the same color, the price is high.

Emitting angle. The different use of LED with the different light angle. The specific angle will has a high price.

Life, the key of different quality is life, life is determined by the light fades. Small Light decay, long life, high prices.

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In the background of high-speed development and energy-saving emission reduction of the LED lighting, more and more cities replace their street lights by LED lighting products, it is expected that the number of street lights will reach 350 million in 2025. Recently, which cities have opened the installation project of LED street lights?

Montreal, Canada, 132,000 street lights will be transformed into LED street lights.

It is reported that the city government of Montreal, Canada, will make a decision on replacing its 132,000 street lights with the LED light source products.

The city of Montreal has plans to replace its incandescent bulbs with more cheaper and more energy-efficient LED lighting products(mainly 4000K). However, considering that the high color temperature may bring health problems, the city people opposed to it. Many people like 3000K light source products in Toronto and Chicago.

Montreal Mayor said that despite the city government has not yet made a decision, but now the voice of giving up the 4000K is high. It is reported that once it is determined which color temperature to use, the city of Montreal may carry out the large-scale project bidding.

Singapore plans to replace the street lights of the country with LED street lights before 2022.

Singapore Land Transport Authority announced that they plan to replace the island street lights with more energy-efficient LED street lights before 2022, and adopt the new remote monitoring system, switch street lights according to weather conditions.

Singapore authorities have launched two pilot projects in the past, in some areas to test high power and general power LED street lights. They began to change the street lights into LED street lights in some areas from 2013, has been installed LED street lights for about 4000 street lights.

The Singapore Government Street lights Replacement Program will be carried out in three phases: 

Stage one will cover 500 roads which are low-traffic and located in residential area, plan to completed by 2018. 

The second stage, which is concentrated in the central region, it is expected to be completed by 2019. 

The third stage, replacing the rest of the street lights project and it is expected to be completed before 2022.

The Uzbekistan government wants to invest 84.8 billion som for the urban street lights transformation.

According to the Uzbek Ministry of Finance news, in order to reduce energy consumption, introduce advanced energy-saving technologies, optimize the lighting system, the Ukrainian government plans appropriate funds 84.8 billion som (about 28.3 million US dollars according to the official exchange rate) in 2017-2019 for upgrading 28 city including the Tashkent city of the street lighting system including 28 city street lighting system.

The project involves replacing 8,283 luminaire and optimizing 2779.2 km of lines, plans to replace the existing high-energy-consuming luminaires with modern energy-efficient lighting that used the light-emitting diode technology by 2020 .

Taiwan Jia City plan to install LED street lights.

Goverment of Chiayi City, Taiwan said that, the city replaced a total of 30000 mercury lights, and installed on the new LED street lights, it is expected to complete 13000 lights in the first stage before the Lunar New Year, the 17,000 lights of the second stage is expected to contract with the contractor in the near future, construction after the Spring Festival.

Director of Works, Mr Lee Kin-yin, said that the project costs of the first stage paid from the central grant of $ 130 million. The second project cost is $ 170 million, purchasing 17,000 LED street lights and can save about 25 million yuan using LED street lights each year.

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Recently, the haze once again sweeping across the country, as the lighting enterprise, we can not change the environment, but can do small thing, so that people not can see only the lights but also the road when going out, Which requires increasing penetration of the LED street lights.

Color temperature selection of LED street lights  

LED packaging process currently used through applying the phosphor with different excitation wavelengths, adjusting the amount or the proportion of phosphor to obtained white LED light source with different color temperature. Different light sources emit different color temperature, low color temperature light source is characterized by energy distribution, the red radiation is relatively more, usually called "warm light; After color temperature increasing, the proportion of blue radiation will be ncreased in the energy distribution,  commonly referred to as "cold light." For white LED light, there is a relative more proportion in yellow for the low color temperature, however, there is a relative more proportion in blue for the high color temperature. From the human visual point of view, low color temperature gives a warm, stable feeling, and high color temperature gives a deserted, refreshing feeling.

The color temperature of some common light sources

In general, LED light sources can be divided into warm white, neutral white and cold white, three categories. The color temperature of traditional street lights are generally warm white light that about 2300K, the human eye vision will obviously feel yellow. LED can be produced different color temperature of the light source through the packaging process, give the road lighting a lot of different options.

The relationship between color temperature and light efficiency

It is noteworthy that, for the color temperature selection in the early group of LED lights, almost all manufacturers have chosen 6000K, or even more than 6000K, this is why? It turned out that under the technical conditions that the early phosphor, cool white LED light source with a higher light efficiency. Compared to color temperature, people pay more attention to the physical properties of light efficiency. The most important means to improve light efficiency is to improve the excitation efficiency of the phosphor, excitation efficiency of YAG yellow powder is much higher than the orange powder.

Higher color temperature can get higher light efficiency, light efficiency of 5500-6500K color temperature can enhance 48.7% than the warm white light source which less than 3500K. LED is energy-saving, entirely because the LED has a higher light efficiency than other light sources, put aside the energy efficiency and talking the energy-saving is meaningless. 

High light efficiency not only bring higher energy efficiency, but also reduce the cost of lights, making the products more competitive. So most of the LED street light manufacturers select to producing the products with 6000K color temperature in order to pursue high energy-saving rate.

In recent years, LED technology is still high-speed developing, the light efficiency of chip continuously improve, energy efficiency rate has also been guaranteed. The contradiction between light efficiency and color temperature is no longer the main contradiction in the application process, and whether the color temperature and environmental conditions are coordinated is the focus should be paid attention. Synthesize technical conditions, climatic conditions, the current environmental conditions and the human eye senses, we propose, color temperature of LED street lights should choose the range of 3000 ~ 5700K. This color temperature will not have a large impact on light efficiency, but also to ensure the penetration of haze, and adapt to our people's visual senses.

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