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Latest Farm News & Articles

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Latest Farm News & Articles

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add to favorites High Quality Medical Marijuana,Wax,BHO & Cannabis Oil Available! We sell the following with more varieties. contact; we are top legit and genuine suppliers of medicinal marijuana such as blue berry,afghan kush,top shelf grade A *Grand Daddy Purple Grade: A *Sensi Star x ak47 Grade: AAA *Northern Lights #5 :Grade: A+ *Lemon KUSH:Grade: A+ *Purple Kush:Grade:A+ Top Shelf *OG Kush :Grade:A++ Top *purple-urkle:Grade:AA
( )
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add to favorites MEDICAL MARIJUANA Greetings to u.I am a medical marijuana farmer . I'm top legit and
reliable supplier of quality kush,Wax, Oil and medical Marijuana. Top Medical Buds for cancer; pain, appetite, sleeping, stress etc... and I'm here to advertise my products. I have good quality medical
marijuana for sale at very affordable prices and we deliver very
discreetly, quickly and safely to our clients.

I carry out delivery by
the help of my accurate delivery agents to near by clients and ship very discreetly and safely to far away clients.

email us ( or

Text via (424)265-7069

or just send me a friend request here on Facebook

below is our price list

30grams White Widow: $230
30grams sour Diesel : $240
30grams black domina :$250
30grams Bubba : $235
30grams Hawaii-Skunk:$200
30grams Hindu Kush: $220
30grams afghani kush :$240
30grams Super Silver Haze:$225
30grams sweet island skunk :$240
30grams OG ghost train haze :$240
30grams OG Kush :$230
30grams Lemon haze:$235
30grams granddaddy :$240
30grams Super Skunk :$200
30grams AK 47 :$215
30grams Blueberry :$210
30grams Barry White Oil :$230
30grams white Russian:$230
30 grams blue dream crystal :$190
30grams Dabber's Delight CBD Oil :$235
30 grams Dabber's Delight Indica: $210
30 GRAMS Platinum Cookies Oil :$230
30 grams Hindu Kush Wax : $250
30 grams Royal Kush Wax Crumble : $255
30 grams snoop master kush : $230

50grams sour Diesel $380
50 grams black domina: $450
50grams White Widow: $350
50grams Hawaii-Skunk:$300
50grams afghani kush :$380
50grams granddaddy: $350
50grams Lemon haze :350usd
50grams Barry White Oil :$330
50grams Hindu Kush: $330
50grams Super Silver Haze:$350
50grams OG Kush :$370
50grams Super Skunk :$360
50grams sweet island skunk: $380
50grams AK 47 :$330
50grams OG ghost train haze $380
50grams Blueberry :$300

4 oz OG Kush......... $920
4 0z OG ghost train haze $960
4 oz White widow.......$920
4 oz Holy Grail OG.....$940
4 oz AK 47 ............$860
4 oz Super Skunk....... $800
4 oz Hindu Kush......... $880
4 oz Super Silver Haze....$900
4 oz Girl Scout Cookies...$880
4 oz Blueberry............ $810
4 oz Hawaii kunk.......... $800
4 oz Sour Diesel........... $960
4 oz Jack Here.............. $800
4 ozafghani kush .............$960
4 oz Lemon haze.............$940
4 oz black domina............$1000
4 OZ granddaddy............$960
4 OZ sweet island skunk....$960

1Lbs sour Diesel :$2000
1Lbs Ak47 : $1320
1Lbs Blueberry : $1950
1Lbs purple haze : $1800
1Lbs Super Silver haze : $2000
1Lbs Trainreck is : $1800
1Lbs white widow : $1850
1Lbs OG Kush : $1900
1Lbs White rhino : $1750
1Lbs Jack herer : $1800
1Lbs white Russian:$1750
1Lbs Lemon haze:$1700
1Lbs black domina $2200
1Lbs afghani kush $2000
1Lbs granddaddy $2000
1Lbs sweet island skunk:$2000
1Lbs OG ghost train haze: $2000,
90013 California
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add to favorites To submit articles or discuss publication Galmarley accepts an obligation to remove within a couple of days of notification any offensive or factually incorrect information howsoever this really is advised, provided it's been acknowledged with a member of Gold News staff. You can contact the Editor, Adrian Ash, here. Where a published document may be held to break a third party by reputation or else, Galmarley Ltd undertakes to get rid of any errors and cooperate in minimizing the result of any damage as fast and completely as practicable, including publishing a correction.

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Email: jerrycrims@ gmail .com
Call or Text (701) 347-1809
Skype: dr.witchmedical

if you located in the USA or Canada

we sell in Oz,qp,half pound and units

30grams Mendo:$200
30grams sour diesel:$285
30grams girl scout cookies:$285
30grams Kandy kush:$285
30grams Cookies: $285
30grams Bubba kush: $285
30grams White Widow: $280 USD
30grams Hawaii-Skunk:$270USD
30grams Hindu Kush: $290 USD
30grams Super Silver Haze:$285 USD
30grams OG Kush :$295 USD
30grams Super Skunk :$280 USD
30grams AK 47 :$285 USD
30grams Blueberry :$275 USD
50grams White Widow: $330 USD
50grams Hawaii-Skunk:$315 USD
50grams Hindu Kush: $355 USD
50grams Super Silver Haze:$365 USD
50grams OG Kush :$365 USD
50grams Super Skunk :$375 USD
50grams AK 47 :$325USD
50grams Blueberry :$345 USD

4 oz OG Kush……… $920
4 0z OG ghost train haze $960
4 oz White widow…….$920
4 oz Holy Grail OG…..$940
4 oz AK 47 …………$860
4 oz Super Skunk……. $800
4 oz Hindu Kush……… $880
4 oz Super Silver Haze….$900
4 oz Girl Scout Cookies…$880
4 oz Blueberry………… $810
4 oz Hawaii kunk………. $800
4 oz Sour Diesel……….. $960
4 oz Jack Here………….. $800
4 ozafghani kush ………….$960
4 oz Lemon haze………….$940
4 oz black domina…………$1000
4 OZ granddaddy…………$960
4 OZ sweet island skunk….$960

100grams White Widow: $540 USD
100grams Hawaii-Skunk:$515 USD
100grams Super Skunk:$525 USD
100grams Super Silver Haze:$565 USD
100grams OG Kush:$585 USD
100grams AK 47:$595 USD
1 pound ak47 is $1700
1 pound Hawaii skunk is $2150
1 pound Blueberry is $2200
1 pound super silver haze is $2100
1 pound white widow $2290
1 pound OG Kush $2300

all prices included delivery charges

No Prescription.

Email: jerrycrims@ gmail .com
Call or Text (701) 347-1809
Skype: dr.witchmedical

Cannabis buds,seeds or oils needed…………....
Quantity needed (grams,oz,pounce)…………………
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