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Poultry for Sale: Chickens, Turkeys, Geese, Ducks & Other

Poultry for Sale: Chickens, Turkeys, Geese, Ducks & Other

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add to favorites Little Giant Incubator with Egg Turner - $15 Illinois $15.00
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I have a LG incubator with egg turner, the egg turner seems to have some issues, but will start working and stop. perhaps there is something wrong with the motor or a short in the wire. I'm no expert. worked great though the first couple of times!

The incubator is like the ones at tractor supply. with the two windows and the little plugs that you remove.

used, i didn't have any luck with my hatches and are getting rid of MOST of my chickens, since I have a broody that won't stop! So my loss is your gain!
add to favorites SILKIE CHICKENS FOR SALE - $40 Illinois $40.00
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add to favorites CHEAP CHICKENS - $2 Illinois $2.00
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add to favorites Chickens for Sale*Organic* Lay/Stew Hawaii $10.00
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Red Sexlink laying hens for sale. These hens lay a nice large brown egg. These hens are 1 & 2 year old hens. They would also be very nice as stewing hens.

Purchase 1 - 5 for $12.00 each
Purchase 6 or more for $10.00 each.

These will go quick, so contact us soon!!
add to favorites Two Barred Roack Roosters for Sale Hawaii $15.00
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Have two 8 month old month old Barred Rock roosters. I am selling both of them. I ended up with 4 Roosters, but only need two for my flock. Asking $8.00 each or both go for $15.00, they both weigh about 8 pounds. Both mature, breeding, and crowing. They are non-aggressive. They do not abuse the hens, or come after people in the pin, and are not agressive to eachother. They were vaccinated as chicks, and have been fed only natural organic grain. I am selling on these premises:

The rooster is not to be used in illegal cock fighting. If I suspect you are buying the rooster for this purpose, I will deny the sale.

I do not eat my own chickens or roosters, but I do not care if you are buying the rooster for this purpose, please just don't tell me. I am hoping someone just needs a good rooster or two for their flock, but I can't tell you what to do with your own purchased goods. But again, if I suspect you are buying for cock fighting, this is illegal and I will refuse sale!
add to favorites Muscovy ducks for sale Nebraska $20.00
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I have some Muscovy ducks nice and big! Send email if intersted and for more Info. 20 each.
add to favorites Cochin Rooster for sale Nebraska $15.00
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Blue and Red (Blue Partridge) Cochin Rooster, (not for eating! As a pet or breeder please). 1 year old. Has sired beautiful babies, many blues. Great temperament, calm and relaxed. Not aggressive. Only crows in the morning.

Could sell a 1 yr old RIR hen and 1yr barred rock hen with him too. Please email me if you are interested in him. Pictures were taken in May.

keywords: chicken chickens chicks eggs coop hen hens pullets livestock farm
add to favorites call drakes for sale Nebraska $50.00
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Very nice small Grey call drakes. They are great debuggers for your garden and will not mess up your plants. They are much easier to care for due to being a bantam duck. They dont make their water as messy but love to swim. They can fly a little bit away from predators. Great for a pond. Call males are extremely quiet. These boys would make great fair entrys. These Drakes are from great lines . I have to sell due to having way too many males. They are 15$ea or 50$ for all 4.
add to favorites leghorn pullets for sale Nebraska $10.00
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5 leg horn pullets just starting to leg, $10 each. Excellent egg producers. Leghorn chickens are relatively small, white-colored breed of poultry they produce a good number of chalk white eggs
add to favorites Laying Hens for sale Nebraska $5.00
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I have too many chickens! and need to get the flock down to a more reasonable size. I have some ameraucana hens, some cuckoo marans hens, and some that are mixed breed.

the younger girls are $5 each (less than a year old) the older girls (1-3 years old) are $3 each.

I cannot tell you which ones are still laying. They will all start laying again if you give them a light at night.

the rooster is not for sale!
add to favorites Ameraucana Rooster for sale Nebraska $10.00
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A beautiful 4 1/2 month old rooster. Mix of Rhode Island Red and Ameraucana. $10 key words: rooster, roosters, chicken, chickens
add to favorites french black copper Chickens for sale Nebraska $400.00
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For sale young flock of french black copper merans 2 roosters & 8 hens just starting to lay, wade jeane & grisam lines. They are french standard and do have feathered legs. These chickens lay the darkest chocolate eggs of all other chickens. Great opportunity to get an established young flock just starting production now, my loss your gain. (Go to ebay and look up black copper eggs and just see what they are getting for just 6 of these eggs) $400 for all
add to favorites Bantams for sale - $65 Nebraska $65.00
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Son is no longer interested i raising the I would like to find them a new home.

Cochin family has 1 rooster, he is really nice, won best of variety at the county fair. 1 hen and her two chicks $35

Mille Flaur Family. 1 rooster, 2 hens and 5 chicks. $40

Asking $65 if you take them all. Plus they come with 25lbs of feed
add to favorites Buff chickens for sale Connecticut $4.00
No Picture
Breeding Stock, Roosters for sale:
Cougar Hill Farm has Mountain Buff chickens and roosters, these large, golden birds are a perfect all-around breed that produce quality meat and jumbo eggs. Add this rooster to your current flock of hens and improve both meat and egg production. Most breeds begin producing small eggs, not the Mountain Buff hens, they begin with eggs graded medium to large by the second egg hatched! This dual purpose breed is perfect for any size farm, even a backyard coop. All of our Roosters and Hens are raised together outside, free range and vegetarian fed.

Copper Hill Farm is not responsible for the rooster once it has been shipped or you have taken possession. We provide a healthy rooster at time of purchase, however we cannot be responsible for the rooster once it has left our hands. No returns accepted.
add to favorites Faverolles, hens, for sale Connecticut $4.00
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I have a flock of 4 mo old for Sale. There are 3 hens and 1 roo in the flock. My intent was to breed these for next year but I have switched breeds that I want to raise. They have all been raised from the same delivery from one day old and have lived together since. They were all vaccinated for coccidiosis and Marek's Disease. I have never had any problems with them and they are happy and healthy and vigorous chickens The price for the entire flock is $80 Cash ONLY. Price is Firm and I WILL NOT BREAK UP this tightly bonded flock.
If you are seriously interested please email me and leave your phone number if you want me to call you.
These are updated PICS OF MY OWN BIRD FLOCK. The rooster is very pretty and the girls are loyal. The girls are just beginning to explore the boxes and I suspect the first egg was laid on the floor last night. Cannot be 100% sure it is theirs but appears to be. They are just at point of lay so anytime in the next few weeks they will be laying.
Thanks for looking. Again, CASH ONLY, NO EXCEPTIONS chix chickens egg eggs hens roosters Faverolle, laying hens poultry, hen rooster
add to favorites Cuckoo Maran chickens for Sale Connecticut $10.00
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I have one Trio of Cuckoo Marans for Sale. One Rooster and 2 Hens. They are just about Fully Grown and have just started laying. They lay nice and LARGE eggs.
These are from a large flock with several different hens and roos as parents. They are very strong and vigorous. Tough birds I guess you could say.
TRIO will be sold as a flock only. The Flock will not be divided since they are bonded well.
add to favorites meat chickens for sale Connecticut $6.00
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We have 2 different varieties of meat chickens that are ready to be processed. White cornish cross are $6 for hens and $5 for roosters. They weigh about 8-10 lbs each.
We also have red broilers that are $7 for hens and $7 for roosters. They weigh about 8-12 lbs each.
We also have some rhode island red hens that are not laying many eggs these days so they are ready to go as stew chickens- $5 each.
Available in Enumclaw. We are also processing chickens 1 day a week so you could get them already to cook.
add to favorites Young Laying hens for sale and eggs Connecticut $5.00
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chickens, hen, rooster.chicks.. Custom built chicken coops and runs for sale ..All kinds of laying hens for sale..and roosters too.. call 209-555-2099 .. Beautiful hens for sale I have: Standard breads: black austrapolop - Brown eggs(5 Mo old). wil sale only for 25$ ea.. 10 hens1 roo. Ameicana - green and blue eggs. (some 4 MO, some 5-6 Mo old)8 available Road Island Red- Brown eggs (6-9 Mo old)- 20 available Road Island White Bared rock sexlinks, Black copper marans 2wk-5mo. I have ~45hens.i am asking 15$ and up..they are from 5-8Mo old.. most are laying.. Give me a good offer .. and i'll accept. I have roosters too.Can sale some Copper, Wheaton Maran roo I am more interested in my Black cooper Maran and Wheaton Maran.. and buff brahama, Black Spanish, Hamburg .. And other rare breeds.
add to favorites Hens for Sale Connecticut $5.00
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I have 2 hens that are just about to start laying. 1 Golden Wyandotte (brown eggs), 1 Buff Orpington (brown eggs). I also have a Crevecoeur Rooster who needs a new home. I raised extra chicks for friends this year and not all of them went to their new homes. The weekend or evenings would be best for pickup. Please email with a phone number and I can get back to yo
add to favorites Barred Rocks Chickens for sale Connecticut $5.00
No Picture
I have all breeds and ages of chickens for sale with over 300 chicks to choose from:

Ive been selling chickens for three years now and enjoy this as one of the passions of my life.
I have gone to great lengths to make sure that all my chicks are top quality with the purest of pure blood lines. No mixed chickens here.
Many of my costumers have won top prizes at local fairs with show quality chickens.

NOTE: I bought out a Hatchery last year and kept the best of the best chickens with the intent to breed top quality chicks.
(Chickens that are of breeding quality have character traits and standards that most common chickens dont have.)

Lets keep the bloodlines pure and support pure breed chicks and chickens of the best quality. The "old timers" would be proud of my farm.

I have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to poultry and can give you answers to all your chickens needs.

Chickens include:

Baby Chicks (Days old – 2 weeks) $4.00

Barred Rocks - Lays Brown Eggs orwhite eggs
Road Island Reds - Lays Brown Eggs or white eggs
Delaware - Lays Brown Eggs or white eggs
Golden Campines - Lays White Eggs or white eggs
Black Sexlink - Lays Brown Eggs or white eggs
Auracaunas - Lays Blue Eggs or white eggs
White Leghorns - Lays White Eggs or white eggs