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Poultry for Sale: Chickens, Turkeys, Geese, Ducks & Other

Poultry for Sale: Chickens, Turkeys, Geese, Ducks & Other

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add to favorites Cuckoo Maran chickens for Sale Connecticut $10.00
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I have one Trio of Cuckoo Marans for Sale. One Rooster and 2 Hens. They are just about Fully Grown and have just started laying. They lay nice and LARGE eggs.
These are from a large flock with several different hens and roos as parents. They are very strong and vigorous. Tough birds I guess you could say.
TRIO will be sold as a flock only. The Flock will not be divided since they are bonded well.
add to favorites meat chickens for sale Connecticut $6.00
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We have 2 different varieties of meat chickens that are ready to be processed. White cornish cross are $6 for hens and $5 for roosters. They weigh about 8-10 lbs each.
We also have red broilers that are $7 for hens and $7 for roosters. They weigh about 8-12 lbs each.
We also have some rhode island red hens that are not laying many eggs these days so they are ready to go as stew chickens- $5 each.
Available in Enumclaw. We are also processing chickens 1 day a week so you could get them already to cook.
add to favorites Young Laying hens for sale and eggs Connecticut $5.00
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chickens, hen, rooster.chicks.. Custom built chicken coops and runs for sale ..All kinds of laying hens for sale..and roosters too.. call 209-555-2099 .. Beautiful hens for sale I have: Standard breads: black austrapolop - Brown eggs(5 Mo old). wil sale only for 25$ ea.. 10 hens1 roo. Ameicana - green and blue eggs. (some 4 MO, some 5-6 Mo old)8 available Road Island Red- Brown eggs (6-9 Mo old)- 20 available Road Island White Bared rock sexlinks, Black copper marans 2wk-5mo. I have ~45hens.i am asking 15$ and up..they are from 5-8Mo old.. most are laying.. Give me a good offer .. and i'll accept. I have roosters too.Can sale some Copper, Wheaton Maran roo I am more interested in my Black cooper Maran and Wheaton Maran.. and buff brahama, Black Spanish, Hamburg .. And other rare breeds.
add to favorites Hens for Sale Connecticut $5.00
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I have 2 hens that are just about to start laying. 1 Golden Wyandotte (brown eggs), 1 Buff Orpington (brown eggs). I also have a Crevecoeur Rooster who needs a new home. I raised extra chicks for friends this year and not all of them went to their new homes. The weekend or evenings would be best for pickup. Please email with a phone number and I can get back to yo
add to favorites Barred Rocks Chickens for sale Connecticut $5.00
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I have all breeds and ages of chickens for sale with over 300 chicks to choose from:

Ive been selling chickens for three years now and enjoy this as one of the passions of my life.
I have gone to great lengths to make sure that all my chicks are top quality with the purest of pure blood lines. No mixed chickens here.
Many of my costumers have won top prizes at local fairs with show quality chickens.

NOTE: I bought out a Hatchery last year and kept the best of the best chickens with the intent to breed top quality chicks.
(Chickens that are of breeding quality have character traits and standards that most common chickens dont have.)

Lets keep the bloodlines pure and support pure breed chicks and chickens of the best quality. The "old timers" would be proud of my farm.

I have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to poultry and can give you answers to all your chickens needs.

Chickens include:

Baby Chicks (Days old – 2 weeks) $4.00

Barred Rocks - Lays Brown Eggs orwhite eggs
Road Island Reds - Lays Brown Eggs or white eggs
Delaware - Lays Brown Eggs or white eggs
Golden Campines - Lays White Eggs or white eggs
Black Sexlink - Lays Brown Eggs or white eggs
Auracaunas - Lays Blue Eggs or white eggs
White Leghorns - Lays White Eggs or white eggs
add to favorites Geese for sale ,Exotic birds for sale Illinois $15.00
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Fancy Chicken, Quails - California Valley Quail, Desert Quail, Mountain Quail, Bobwhite [Northern, Eastern, & Georgia Giant Bobwhites], Duck, Chicks, Pigeon, Dove, Barn, Doves, Pigeons, Gamebirds, Flock, Hen, Ducks, Ducklings, Chicks, Roosters, Rare, Exotic, Bird, Rooster, Banty Chickens, Birds, Quail Egg, Geese, Goose, Gooseling, Peahen, Peachick, Peacock, Ornamental Pheasant, Rare American Longtail, Bantams Old English Game, Chick, Hatching Eggs, Poultry, Pullet, Laying Hens, Feeder, Waterer, Feed, Gamebird, Bantam, Layers, Pullets, Farm, Cages, Barn, Turtle, Tortoise, Turtles, Tortoises, Feed, Water, Waterer, Feeder, Cage & Supplies. Note: Some pictures are mine but some are my friends and for referrences only. Please refer to my homepage above for further details. Thanks
add to favorites all kinds of chickens turkeys ducks geese for sale Idaho $9.00
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Almost all kinds of birds for sale please call 1st or email for the availability they are going fast since we put these birds up for sale ,very healthy birds
prices vary from bird 2 bird
add to favorites Wild Turkeys for sale Georgia $15.00
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We have lots and lots of turkeys for sale ,they are 100% proven wild and are roaming around our farm ,you gotta catch 'em since me and my husband are too old to run after these suckers ,and any animals we are selling here your gonna catch 'em your self.thanks
add to favorites Free Mallards if you buy pair of sheep Georgia $1.00
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we have lots of Mallards on our farm they are free to anyone buying a couple of our sheep ,if not we charge 15 per pair semi domesticated Mallards,but these mallards will come to you and eat right out of your hands ,the best mallards ever ,
add to favorites Giant Birds for sale in Danburg Connecticut $750.00
Hi there i have lots of ostrich emu rhea,Kivi and more large birds for sale these ostrich emu rheas are 100% born and raised on our farm ,please contact me for more info on these beautiful ostrich emu rheas. thanks
add to favorites Jumbo Pekins are our best sellers California $9.00
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we have all kinds of ducks available for sale the are jumbo Pekins ducks,white pekin ducks,rouen ducks,Welsh Harlequin, more breeds also available at our farm just contact for more info
add to favorites Our Geese are raised primarily for meat California $15.00
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Great geese ,don't bother us too much basically these geese eat lots of weed and as they say weed is best food for a geese ,in France they use lots of geese live in highly price dishes ,we also make lots of Pate which we sell on the side ,
Pate is a french delicacy ,which is basically geese or any animal liver.YUM
add to favorites our wilds Turkeys are the best seller California $35.00
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Well well well ,sorry had to ad some more stuff our turkeys ,we have almost all kinds but lots of great looking crossed Turkeys,these turkeys just like our other farm animals are raised organically and are guaranteed the best,turkeys come in all sizes and colors ,great for meat pets etc
i am asking 35 each for these fellas but you can make me an offer
add to favorites we also carry guinea fowl California $15.00
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guinea fowl now available,best guinea fowl in the world ,lots of colors in guinea fowl available ,+ guinea fowl have good properties ,in Africa many believe Guinea meat is better than chicken because it does have some medicinal properties,
several colors available buff,coral blue ,lavender,pearl and more
add to favorites You gotta love these chickens California $9.00
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they are so cute you gotta see to saw you fell in love with 'em ,great for pets and also for eggs and some tender meat , we have lots of them just contact for more info.
the breeds we have available are sultans,Batams,Polish,silkies,white rocks,delaware,black giants,red star,rhode Island red,barred rocks,buff rocks ,cornish,cochins,araucanas and more
they are 9 dollars each depends on our chicken breed
add to favorites great egg layers for sale Arizona $7.00
great egg layers for sale ,these are some of the best egg layers ever,lays large great eggs,
add to favorites pure and organic Alabama $5.00
Hi there i got some nice and beautiful chickens for sale all ages and sexes available just contact for more info