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Just the general scripting and irregularities with the CPU and player AI that I have fumed at in every match I've played.

- CPU defenders having the agility, dribbling accuracy and turning circle of Santi Cazorla when Player-controlled attackers are going in to tackle.

- CPU defenders being able to lock on to the ball when fast-moving Player-controlled attackers come anywhere near them in possesion and then being able to get to the floor and make a strong sliding-tackle in less than half a second.

- Player-controlled defenders generally do not lock onto the ball when sliding and after getting down to the ground very slowly, the CPU attacker is able to just turn away regardless of whether they're in mid-sprint or not.

- Delaying of actual player action after button presses (eg. delaying passes, shots, tackles, attempts at controlling the ball and any movements to block CPU players) so that CPU players can make appropriate block, tackle, movement to buy Fifa 16 coins. Interestingly, when this delay occurs with your players, the CPU opposition react accordingly to your button presses before they even are put into action by your own players.

- CPU-players following through to push Player-controlled players out of the way after they've managed to put a foot in to make a tackle straight on. Given as a foul 1/10 if CPU does it to Player. Given as a foul 9/10 if Player does it to CPU.

- Player-controlled attacker with faster Speed stats is about to run clear of slower defender. CPU defender makes desperate slide tackle from behind that should either be a professional foul or is too far away to have any impact. Player-controlled attacker is told to hurdle sliding tackle by CPU which makes player lose connection to ball which rolls on harmlessly thus denying Player either a free-kick or a quick escape from a slower player.

- Automatic selecting of incorrect Player-Controlled players for loose balls allowing CPU to pick up loose balls 90% of the time. CPU players are often moving full speed for loose balls before it's even got loose. I've also had the experience of two faster attackers chasing a loose ball ahead of a slower CPU defender and then it starts to automatically select between both faster players slowing them down one after the other so that the slower CPU defender can pick up the ball.

- Invisible forcefields behind CPU-controlled players in possession whereas CPU-defenders can pass right through a Player-controlled attacker to easily nip the ball off of them regardless of speed/strength. Player-controlled defenders also automatically move to the non-goalside angle of CPU attackers if you happen to hold the standing tackle button close to them.

- Strength of passes (how long button is held) ignored to slow down Player's overall tempo and result in misplaced passes. Passes also intentionally misdirected, ignoring Players intended direction and pass strength. Also, if a Player-controlled player is offside, any passes towards that general area are passed to him regardless of closer Player-controlled players in the area in non-offside positions.

- Lot of CPU 'mis-controls' of the ball exclusively designed to draw Player out of position as the distance of the mis-controlled ball is far enough to look tempting but always close enough for CPU to recover, spin, shield and play ball into now vacated space.

- Player-controlled players reacting to passes from his teammate in possession by doing the opposite of what is attempted. (Coming short for long lofted passes and running long for short passes along the ground)

- Majority of passes from a Player too close to CPU are intercepted, especially crosses. CPU however is able to virtually pass the ball through Player-controlled defenders. Sometimes jumps from Players are designed exclusively to miss the path of the ball.

- No defenders locking on to loose balls in Players box. CPU always first to react and likely score.

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