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NBA 2K17 Locker Codes: Locker Codes Are Still Working For Free VC

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Title NBA 2K17 Locker Codes: Locker Codes Are Still Working For Free VC
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Created 2016-10-22
Owner nba2kmt
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Description Are you seeking for some quick Virtual Currency, Don't worry, you have access to related gaming platforms to <a href="">buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT PC</a>. In that end, There are some locker codes that we offered, what's more, for a few Reddit users, they have confirmed that the following locker codes are still working. Among of those locker codes, some also worked in NBA 2K16.

SHOOT2MUCH500 (500 VC)

Go to the Options / Features section and type in the aforementioned locker codes.

In the meantime, the fastest and easiest way to accumulate VC is to download the My NBA 2K17 app on either you iOS or Android-empowered smart phone. All you need to is play a few card games and Blacktop challenges on a daily basis to have nearly 1,000 VC deposited to your 2K account on a daily basis.

There are also times when you can hit the jackpot on card games, even though there is a daily limit on the VC earned. Also, if you have collected MyTeam cards with substantial value, try your hand at the Auction House in your My NBA 2K17 app. You can earn up to 5,000 VC by selling one card. You have to access official sites to <a href="
">buy NBA 2K17 MT PC</a>.

NBA 2K17: Beware of fake sites

Many gamers, eager for VC, fall into the trap of visiting fake websites which are offering “locker code generators”. Avoid downloading these applications, which are mostly filled with spamware and viruses.

The end of this month, more locker codes soon to be released for Haloween, what's more, it will release some more closer to Christmas. Aside from the My NBA 2K17 app as well as certain locker codes, there are many of other ways to acquire quick VC. Many of players decide to <a href="
">buy NBA 2K17 MT PC</a>, cheap Virtual Currency, awaiting for you.
Country United States