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FFXIV Limit Break Information - Request to Community Team

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Title FFXIV Limit Break Information - Request to Community Team
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Created 2016-07-29
Owner ffxivfans
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Description Because I'm a math nerd, I did some measurements.

In A8N, at the end, the arena is divided into 16 equal sized squares.

Each square is slightly less than 12 yalms on a side. Which makes the entire arena in the ballpark of 2300~ yalms square, and each square 140~ yalms square. I got this by doing A8N as a Scholar and, after the battle was done, placing Selene as far away from myself as I could and still cast on FFXIV Gil( her. The casting range of heals (and, incidentally, the range at which you can select a "Place") is 30yalms. From one corner to the maximum distance put Selene slightly more than halfway across the third square.

The tank LB (all levels of it) has an "area of effect" of 50 yalms.

Assumptions are as follows:

1) the Tank LB is a circle, just like the Mage LB, centered on the caster
2) The Tank LB has a radius of 25yalms, and an area of 2000~ yalms square.

If both those assumptions are true, the tank LB is slightly wider than the A8N arena, but does not cover the entire thing. If used in the center, it would miss all four corners. If used while hugging an edge, it would extend to slightly past the center of the arena, and curve back from there.

Now, it is possible that the tank LB doesn't have a diameter of 50, but a radius of 50. In which case, there wouldn't be anywhere on the arena where you could avoid the Tank LB; it would be three times the total area of the arena.

So! I did more science.

Sacred Soil is 8yalms in radius. Caster Lb1 is the same size as Sacred Soil, and is 8y in "area of effect". This leads us to believe that it is 8y in radius. Which is promising!

BRD/MCH LB is the same 30 yalms as healing spells. The LB cannot be executed further than that.

And, moment of truth, tank LB! I positioned someone 15y, 25y, and 30y away. The tank LB hit all three of them, indicating that it is, in fact, a 50y RADIUS.

So, to come back to our original question, there's nowhere in A8N that can't be hit by the tank LB. I have no way to easily Final Fantasy XIV Gil measure A8S, but it seems likely to be the same size.

Which brings me to my question for the community team:

Can we have the tooltip of the limit break edited to read "Radius: Xyalms" instead of "Area of Effect" for clarity?
Country United States