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add to favorites Kids wear booms as 2017 fashions revealed with little Girl dresses on sale New York
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Across the retail sector, one category that is on a steep climb is children's wear, with its growth far exceeding that of ladies and menswear. Fashion trends for 2017 include social media and young celeb influence.

Kinds of fashion high end childrens clothing 2017 new styles is on Jollyhers now:thoughtful designs, high-quality materials, and friendly shopping experience is What we Promised.
Kids wear boom in 2017

Technavio, an international market research company, forecasts the sector’s growth to be more than 6% by 2020. This percentage far surpasses the anticipated growth in the women and men’s wear sectors for the same period.

This boom appears to be in stark contrast with the overall clothing sector’s performance, especially locally. South African consumers are cash-strapped, as was evidenced by the retail industry’s results from the last fiscal; with most local retailers reporting tiny or even negative like-for-like growth margins – a cumulative result of a struggling global economy.

“Despite Ackermans being one of the few retailers to report positive like-for-like numbers over the past five years, the slow-down is due to macro-environmental factors. The drop in the rand’s value, climate change, political uncertainty and the rising cost of inflation has impacted consumers across the board.

“There is a greater focus on value. Many of our customers are looking for added value at a good price – for example, a two-pack of good quality school shirts for a few rands more than that of a single. There is an emphasis on getting more for less.”
Global design executive at Ackermans, Sam Jones, outlines a few of the fashion trends for 217 in children’s’ clothing.

Simplified styling, intricate detail: While kids are veering away from fussy, complex styles, they are focused on detail; embroidery, lace and even holograms are set to be big news in 2017. “Children’s fascination with social platforms that utilise augmented reality – such as Snapchat – will also influence design. I anticipate Snapchat’s quirky filters popping up on T-shirts and hoodies,” predicts Jones.

Mini-me: Kids are drawing style inspiration from celebrities – and closer to home – mom and dad. “We saw this trend a few years ago and it has been making a comeback in 2017. Kids want to wear the same styles as mom and dad and there is a demand for kid-friendly replicas of what they see their parents wearing. An example is a woman wearing a maxi dress, with her daughter emulating her in a three-quarter version, appropriate for her age.”

Twinning: Siblings are increasingly opting to wear matching or complementary outfits. Establishing their identity is important to kids, but in 2017, children are finding comfort in choosing to express themselves with their siblings as a unit.

Active wear: Children love active wear as it is both fashionable and functional, and even more so in 2017 as they see the ‘athleisure’ trend become more popular with adults.

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Just enjoy Girls and Boys (3-15 Years Old) Fashion Clothes with 30 Days Return Free Shipping from now.
add to favorites Jollyhers share 2017 summer Children's wear Trend Direction New York
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BM Fashion has partnered with Jollyhers to bring you the top children’s trends for Spring / Summer 2018. Flip through the interactive trend reports below and discover THE need-to-know children’s trends in apparel, accessories and footwear for the up-coming season.

Kinds of fashion precious kids clothing 2017 new styles is on Jollyhers now:thoughtful designs, high-quality materials, and friendly shopping experience is What we Promised.
STYLE RIGHT Kid's Trend Book is dedicated to designers working in all fields of children?s wear and Young Fashion

In-between the international menswear and womenswear trade fairs taking place over the last few months, a range of leading kidswear shows were also hosted in the cities of Amsterdam, Paris and London for Fall/Winter 2016-17. Kleine Fabriek included a section dedicated to up-and-coming talent in the childrenswear sector, while Playtime Paris showcased three trend areas designed in collaboration with a different textile artist. In the UK, Bubble London focused on outdoor styles with a large number of sportswear brands in attendance, as Scandinavian and streetwear aesthetics came through strongly at Dot to Dot. Here, the team have distilled their expert analysis of the Fall 2017 kidswear trade shows into three inspiring trends, giving FashionUnited readers a sneak peek at some of the new themes and colours emerging in children's fashion this season.


Trend forecast for boys and girls
Four trend themes with 6 sub-themes each are presented on 140 colourful pages
Market-driven themes for easy compilation of your own seasonal concepts and design features
Inspiring moody images with colour proposal
Large variety of styling and design ideas
All models are shown with front and back
Attractive all-over print designs and motifs for placed prints
Accessories round off and complete the fashion ranges
Summary of all styling proposals by professionally elaborated line drawings/vector graphics
Overview of all trend colours with original PANTONE? cotton chips
This has also led to young consumers aspiring to pursue a future career in fashion; something that is encouraged and nurtured through fashion design competitions aimed at children.

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Just enjoy Girls and Boys (3-15 Years Old) Fashion Clothes with 30 Days Return Free Shipping from now.
add to favorites Jollyhers offer cool kids summer clothing with free shipping now New York
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Boys’ fashion has had a lot of catching up to do with the plethora options that are available for our little girls, but in the last couple of years we’ve seen the offerings broaden and really come into their own. No longer are we bound to pastel blues and puppies! Really, a lot of what we’re seeing lately is what we’re loving about girls fashion these days- heavily vintage influenced style with a modern twist. Most importantly the trends we’re highlighting here are ones that let boys be boys, without sacrificing style.
Kinds of precious kids clothing 2017 new styles is on Jollyhers now:thoughtful designs, high-quality materials, and friendly shopping experience is What we Promised. We’ve seen these popping up EVERYWHERE! Every label seems to have their own take on this classic look for boys. The contrasting yolk lends funky style to an otherwise clean cut shirt. Patterns like diamonds, bold polka dots, and tonal stripes are the order of the day, with patch pockets and snaps also make the rounds for easy on and off.
The number of options for headwear for men has expanded significantly over the past few years, and in turn has trickled down into boys’ fashion as well. We’re seeing a lot of military inspired hats, classic fedoras, and skater style snowboarder hats. As we all know boys have much fewer options for accessorizing than girls, so we have to make each one count!
Another great throwback to the timeless look that embodies boys and all the rough and tumble madness that they carry with them every day. Snaps, zippers, leather accents, patches- they offer endless opportunities for unique embellishments that give each piece as much individual personality as the boys who wear them.
Now you can get 5% discount code JHERS for your every order and more reasonable Price. >Just enjoy Girls and Boys (3-15 Years Old) Fashion Clothes with 30 Days Return Free Shipping from now.
add to favorites Best online shop Jollyhers little girls designer summer dresses is on sale now New York
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Struggling to find the perfect outfit for the young fashionista in your life? BurJuman is hosting The Kids Fashion Show to give shoppers a preview of the season’s latest fashion trends for children. Each weekend from 12th to 27th January, at 6pm and 8pm in BurJuman’s Main Atrium, shoppers will be treated to a high-energy show, reflecting the up-to-the-minute fashion trends.
Kinds of fashionable childrens clothes 2017 new styles is on Jollyhers now:thoughtful designs, high-quality materials, and friendly shopping experience is What we Promised.

Hosted by renowned emcee Oman Layal, The Kids Fashion Show will be an energetic and colourful affair.

Showcasing the latest in children’s fashion from your favorite BurJuman retailers, The Kids Fashion Show will give budding fashionistas and their parents a preview of the latest ensembles to ensure they remain at their stylish best throughout 2017.

In addition to featuring some of BurJuman’s most popular children’s brands including Mothercare, The Children’s Place, Forever 21, LC Waikiki, Adams Kids, Carters, Kidiliz, and Pumpkin Patch, The Kids Fashion Show will also give tomorrow’s budding catwalk stars the opportunity to shine on the catwalk during the event. Jashanmal will also showcase its latest collection of accessories.

“BurJuman’s Kid’s Fashion Shows are a perfect platform to showcase the up-to-the-minute children’s fashion trends as well as giving the region’s young, upcoming catwalk stars a chance to shine in a fun and dynamic environment,” explains a BurJuman representative. “An energetic production, with a memorable finale dance number, The Kids Fashion Shows will have something to suit every budding fashionistas’ style.”
Now you can get 5% discount code JHERS for your every order and more reasonable Price. Just enjoy Girls and Boys (3-15 Years Old) Fashion Clothes with 30 Days Return Free Shipping from now.
add to favorites gold ore crusher working principle Vermont
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Gold ore crusher is a kind of high efficiency crushed stone equipment with domestic, international and leading level, <a href="" target="_blank">Gold Ore Crusher</a> is combined with the actual situation of domestic sand production.

gold ore crusher application

This series of gold crusher is widely used in metal and nonmetal ore, cement, refractories, abrasives, glass raw materials, construction aggregate, artificial sand and various metallurgical slag crushing and coarse grinding, especially on the hard, hard and abrasive materials such as silicon carbide, intered bauxite, magnesium sand so, have more advantages than other types of crusher. The use and protection of hydraulic crusher facilities, can handle various metallurgical slag. It is suitable for sand for building and sand for road construction.

The working principle of gold ore crusher

Gold ore crusher is the use of "stone fight stone" principle, that is, let the stones in the process of natural fall and the impeller accelerated by throwing out the stones collided with each other, so as to achieve the purpose of fragmentation! The stone that has been thrown out of speed has collided with a natural falling stone, forming an eddy current, which has been broken 2 times during the process of return, so the abrasion of the counterattack plate is very little during the operation!
add to favorites Professional Site-RSorder offer The Inferno gift:7% off osrs gold for sale Until June.7 Other
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Once that's all sorted, I could start laying some code down and get the main systems in place. Most of this was straight forward, as obviously TzHaar Fight Caves has a pretty similar minigame going on - but one thing I managed to tie into the core system, was purely randomised spawns.A player shouldn't be able to determine monsters are going to buy rs 07 gold and be spawned, but at the same time, these locations are saved per run! This means they cannot logout and in to get more desired spawn locations for the monsters.

Guys!Professional Site-RSorder offer The Inferno gift:7% off RS/OSRS Gold with code RS7J for sale Until June.7!

This is Runescript: our in-house scripting language. The code shown here is what runs when you first enter the Inferno.


Now that system is in place, monsters that fill those waves can be developed and tied in, but there's one thing that is a little more important, and that is the matter of TzKal-Zuk, the final boss!The last 2-3 Runescapeeks have solely been spent working very closely with Mod Ghost over on graphics to get right.Imagine a screenshot of a really cool looking boss monster here

Normally in these sort of reports I'll go and talk about the issues Runescape've had in development, but man, I don't think I can without spoiling some of the mechanics Runescape've got at play here...It all involved a bit of back and forth, since Runescape're attempting to do something never quite done before. I produced a prototype, with placeholder graphics in place, to ensure I could develop the mechanics Runescape designed.At this stage I played with it a lot, there are a number of questions to ask myself...Is this fun?

Is it challenging?

Does it feel right?

Essentially, validating the design. Ideas can sound great on paper, but when you get to physically trying them, they may just not work at all! In this case, it worked incredibly Runescapell! I had other Jmods on the team give it a shot too, and offer their feedback early on,Now acquiring assets graphics, Runescape Runescapere able to start visualising how this would all look, and this is the back and forth happened a fair bit. Animations and timings are notoriously tricky to get right in Runescript!
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OSRS-Account with 60 attack, 90 strength, 1 defense, Range 90:
Availability:In stock
add to favorites Nike Roshe laufen NM 'Fleece Pack'Trainer North Carolina
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Die <a href="">nike air max 1</a>, wird weiterhin in einer Vielzahl von colorways angeboten werden, wie die neueste dieser Saison ist in einem sauberen all-white finish.Last Freitag sahen wir die Freisetzung eines brandneuen Lifestyle-Läufer aus Nike bekannt als die Nike Payaa. Es erschien zuerst am NikeLab Instagram-Konto am Donnerstag und dann am nächsten Tag veröffentlicht. Laut Nike, ist die Payaa von der payaaqek, ein Stiefel aus Alaska heimisch inspiriert. Das schlichte Design verfügt über ein Netz- und Schaumstoff-Bootie-Obermaterial mit einer ausgesparten natürlichen Laufsohle für mehr Flexibilität und einem schnellen Bungee-Spitzensystem mit funktionellem Schnürsenkel für eine verstellbare Passform. Mit anderen Worten, es ist perfekt, um "rutschen und gehen."

Nike Air Presto und natürlich die <a href="">nike air max 1 ultra plush</a>. Alle drei haben eine sockeartige Passform, ein einfaches Schnürsystem, sind leicht und relativ erschwinglich. Die klumpige Zwischensohle auf der Payya erinnerte mich an die Huarache, die Schnürsender erinnerten mich an den Presto und das Netzoberteil erinnerte mich an den Roshe Run. Als ich die Payaa zum ersten Mal sah, war ich nicht sicher, was ich denken sollte. Ich dachte sofort daran, wie ein Slip-on-Sneaker, die möglicherweise in vielen verschiedenen Farben zu lösen. Ich begann, den Schuh zu analysieren und dachte an andere Nike-Schuhe, die es ähnelten. Was in den Sinn kam, war die Nike Air Huarache,

Die Kombination aus starkem <a href="">nike air max 90 ultra moire</a> mit eigenem Tech-Fleece-Gewebe macht absolut Sinn und wir freuen uns, es endlich für Herbst 2015 zu sehen. Nach kurzer Zeit hat die Prime Fleece Kollektion auf NIKEiD gestartet Die neue Saisonkollektion auf dem beliebten Nike Roshe Run NM. Die meisten der oberen Features der Vliesstoff, während die Ferse wurde mit Wildleder verstärkt und die Zehenkiste erhielt eine Hyperfuse Behandlung. Alles, was in einem klassischen schwarz / weiß colorway, macht diese neueste Nike Release eine einfache zu ziehen. Sie können abholen den Sneaker von morgen auf Footpatrol in London.
add to favorites Tiger Camo Hits The adidas 37019 Other
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Tiger Camo Hits The adidas Originals Superstar

One of everyone’s favorite prints has been placed on this new colorway of the originals superstar. We’re talking about camo!
add to favorites EA's constant must update the series Other
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Items aren't always rosy, nonetheless. Even hardened fans would admit the series occasionally has something of your duff year. EA's constant must update the series together with new features means that occasionally makes a mis-step or perhaps two, so getting a fix about what changes the development staff does and doesn't anticipate making pre-release has become something of your sport in itself.
Ever eager to indulge in anything remotely active only at Digital Spy, we've decided undertake a crack at it yourself, piecing together everything we already know just about FIFA 17 plus a few requests for excellent measure. The pull we've with EA, you can guarantee they are going to all make their way in to the game. Well, maybe simply by FIFA 27, anyway.
add to favorites Aion Spiritmaster Guide - The best way to level up quickly 32013 Other
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It can be difficult to level very if you are a spiritmaster in Aion quickly. But it can be easily solved if you are aware of the steps to be able to level quickly. Here is how to level up in Aion as a spiritmaster quickly.

You could separate leveling into three or more parts. Reaching the best questing places, receiving the best quests and successfully finishing them. Though you can do it by experience and trial, it is usually very tedious and cumbersome when you are attempting to level right up quickly. The excellent method to start off leveling up very fast is definitely via quests. But for that you need to understand the real way to locate good leveling places.

If the answer to both these relevant questions is no, avoid then. A good leveling put shouldn't waste a lot of your efforts to reach there. This is because; time frame is the most crucial factor when you are trying to level quickly. In addition, a good leveling place ought to have lots of quests to help you amount up a pair of levels the following. If not, choose another accepted place for level in.
add to favorites EA Sports sees an array of new equipment for fifa coins Hawaii
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FIFA 17 is coming, if you want to buy fifa 16 coins cheap, is your best choice.

Each year, EA Sports sees an array of new equipment to help to increase their series of marquee soccer. It seems that in the event that our first confirmed that FIFA has 17 via a critical source: the Norwegian Andrine Stolsmo Hegerberg GLOBAL - urfifa. co news. Hegerberg recently shared a photo from Instagram is scanned with a team of high-tech digital cameras, marked with significant hashtag "fifa coins". In addition, he joked in their own native language, "the rumor that cod wanted some pictures. " RMS confirmed their contribution to the Norwegian women's team can be purchased in FIFA 17.

This added to the actual 12 women executives within the last year, such as England, Germany and the Us increase. Premier League footballer Adrian and Loic Remy also have to share photos FIFA 17 is explored, although official confirmation by EA West Ham along with Chelsea license seems much less striking in the activity by FIFA coins. We have recently found that new fans in the league they want almost all in FIFA 17 this Turkish second division.

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add to favorites The way to Rise of the kinah aion Godslayer 32013 Other
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Star Trek Online is a few months old barely, you're still waist strong in Klingon targ, changing your ships, exploring the vastness of uncharted space, meeting new civilisations and life, and of course racking up STO credits along the real way.

In your spare time you continue to frequent Atreia (someone has to stop the Balaur, and also lets face it, will be certainly aion kinah to be earned). On the not to distant écart, the seductive siren phone of Blizzard can be read, urging you to return to much of your, with the promise of a planet changing expansion in the form of Wow: Cataclysm.

Let's face that, you've only got a great deal time on your hands, and also money doesn't grow in trees. So why is it that will Funcom's chosen now to produce the first expansion to their very long troubled MMO, Age of Conan? Simple, because Rise in the Godslayer can compete with the most effective of the best.
add to favorites Lightning in the water 32013 Other
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Lightning in the water, let alone focus on the explosion accidental injury, although the value is around 170,000, in fact, increased by 80% to close to three hundred thousand, and the blood disgruntled players directly seconds, plus hundreds of thousands of static outbreak focused lightning in the water is equal to the group off a bomb. So the 1st simple, simple premise is not to make mistakes. Electrostatic explosion immediately change T, focused lightning kite good, pressure such treatment lies only 20 seconds on a static explosion and lightning storm the stage, of course, to ensure that the blood group in order to avoid the blood line of the whole group when water engulfed fissure is too low. Under normal circumstances, in addition to MT, the blood of the other players are very stable. Lightning's goal is to focus on all remote and all treatment except milk monk, so when you are being treated after being named the team would not have tubes of blood, concentrate on the most important task is to run a good lightning.
add to favorites Use good 'substitutions' 32013 Other
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Use good 'substitutions', for opposite, violent attacks across the core pets. To lay the foundation for fighting back. 8. dolls encounter with sandstorms, bloody battle in the end, no change lobster blood. Increase the blood so that the opposite Bust 2 round, white blood back to more than 100. Uneconomical. Summary, the face of the current mainstream ranks no defects. Including 41 games to play really various teams have met, but impossible to narrate. Especially for a lot of teams are rolling, in a very short duration. Of course, the situation encountered win, I do not think met wonderful team, a special team is difficult to lose. Again, this post is only dedicated to the achievements of the red 1000 Battle pet lovers. Indeed, I feel a little strange pet breath, so I had to repeat the message theme!
add to favorites Blizzard peripheral end back double 12 lowest 'frozen' people 32013 Other
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went to the end, recalling the wonderful Runescape surrounding this year, which gave you left a deep impression? Whether it is the world's limited edition of 'Runescape mahjong', or Mid-Autumn Festival gift, or so many players care deeply about Lich Wang Baoli stone hand to do. If you still feel not enough fun enough fun, then the Double Twelve is your good time! NetEase Blizzard around the mall at the end of the carnival season, repay all year of support, still very necessary! Of course, it must be based on very 'cold' human price! Activities Portal: doublelove reserved One: Panda Man of the match-ups vs fish back one: Panda Man of the match-ups vs fish back two: Cock silk three-piece back three armed of the game: Pillow gentle embrace of the world
add to favorites Looking for memories of those who love us and moved 'Runescape' 32013 Other
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looking for memories of those who love us and moved summary 'Runescape': 'Runescape' as a classic mmorpg, in the world with the largest number of users, its shocking audition experience in the history of online games and wrote numerous stroke. 'Runescape' as a classic mmorpg, in the world with the largest number of users, its shocking audition experience in the history of online games wrote a heavy sum, in many people's minds this game has a special significance, so Through analysis of joy, to recover some have memories and emotion.
add to favorites Canadian Father Claims His Son Racked Upwards 5k FIFA of 16 Bill no California
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The gaming industry can be a massive money making machine not merely for selling games consoles and games because of it, but also by means of in-game and in-app acquisitions.

One Canadian daddy learned the tough way after his / her son rocked upwards $7, 625. 88 Canadian money while playing FIFA of 16 on his Xbox 360 system One. That is equivalent to US$5, 300.sfifars9

cheap fifa coins you can buy in
add to favorites a mini-game determined by an able-bodied acknowledged abstract soul no California
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Moreover, a mini-game determined by an able-bodied acknowledged abstract soul to accept almost all of the war, "I tend not to care, " your vote is silly, whether for as well as against, the tastes players will * biological views, I can understand the rich simply acceptance.

So nonetheless, if you're too apathetic to perform baby most records are recommended pertaining to docking abstract, precisely why re-release? You feel just like you are throwing apples unexpected regarding the things you cannot painful livid review? You are certainly not absorbed hungry? It turned out a little baby plus the ridiculous is certainly not it. sfifars9
add to favorites it really is to buy FIFA of 16 packs with money no California
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It isn’t easy to produce a reliable study concerning this subject because it only works together a huge trial. Imagine, for illustration, that you available packs worth 3 thousand coins. If you open a supplementary pack and take a Ronaldo WHEN card, your conclusions will probably be completely distorted. It isn't possible for a single individual to open adequate packs to conclude when it is worth to acquire packs or not necessarily. We did that but we blended our results with all the community experience finally that, in a broad way, you reunite 60% of everything you have paid from the packs. The some other 40% are EA’s income, ie, your damage. The same happens inside the famous bookmakers sporting activities scores where section of what you guess reverts automatically for the house, regardless with the result. Usually, they will keep with one thing between 10 and also 15%, but EA just isn't satisfied with lower than 40%.

This first conclusion we can be sure about how precisely bad a strategy it really is to buy FIFA of 16 packs with money, except if you might be someone really blessed. This study furthermore helps us to be able to calculate how much you'll get back when an individual open packs acquired with FIFA Items. sfifars9

cheap fifa coins you can buy in
add to favorites Make sure you come back for the Anniversary garden usually no California
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Make sure you come back for the Anniversary garden usually - Once each day you can click on some of the Banquet Tables for an additional 5% XP powerful that lasts all day and night in the 15th Anniversary party location! Be sure to utilize the suitably put bank chest inside the party area to maximize this training enhance.
Enjoy! Enjoy all of our wicked birthday get-togethers, and let us know your thinking over on the particular forums. Each few days we stream designer Q&As, in-game events plus more. Watch our streams and discover our full buffering schedule over about our Twitch route. Check our Facebook channel, too, for recap video tutorials of streams you could have missed! This few days, we’re celebrating 15 decades of RuneScape historical past!sfifars9
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