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Unbalanced Faction because the way

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Created 2016-06-28
Owner nsarihear
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Title Unbalanced Faction because the way
Description Then, Unbalanced Faction because the way the game allow players to change faction easily as if changing shoes.Aion has many flaws, but 1 thing I am sure is that, it has great Faction Race balanced.

#2 Cross Server Party: Can't kick leechers out of party. after 3 months playing this game and personal experience of how often I encountered these leechers in cross server party, I'm sure all of you non leechers has a lot of stories to tell also.
Purposely Leech 100% AFK knowing no1 can kick him her out of party and can't do anything about it entered dungeon and just stand there.

Purposely Falling behind 30% AFK somehow, this guy is behind, always the last to move, and by the time guy make it to the party; the boss already killed or almost killed.They forced people to level up for some Worlds Tournament in the arena to get more people ready for HM levels 11~15 to have hongmoon skills unlocked and skill points to max what can be used in the arena. Then one of the tournament organizers quit, the arena rewards are broken and nobody can collect them..

From what everyone is saying PVE and the story is only there for the broken arena. Since gear doesnt mean anything in the arena, what does it matter what weapon everyone has?
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