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FIFA 17 release date interval locked from July to September

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Created 2016-07-15
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Title FIFA 17 release date interval locked from July to September
Description The FIFA series release date always in September. But last year the first public "FIFA17" in May 28, 2015, "FIFA 17" is also likely to demonstrate on EA's E3 show. From the late 17th century, football gradually spread around the world from Europe, in particular, is more prevalent in some cultures developed countries. More and more people to the stadium, to plunge into the rich stimulate the movement to pleasure. In such circumstances, fifa football game series published by EA company. Because fifa has its own characteristics and innovative gameplay, now fifa players all over the world, we know there FIFA 12 to FIFA16 several versions.

However, I was most impressed or fifa16 this version. Fifa game before it retains several characteristics, and then on the basis of innovation efforts. In addition fifa 16 fixes many bug, appear with a clearer picture. One of the most difficult to ignore is the first to launch a women's football fifa 16 series version, the number of teams up to 12, All is the national team. At the time, this innovation also makes a lot of players want to play women's football. Today EA company expects to launch yet another new version fifa 17, then, in this game, what other surprise place to wait for us?

It is reported that, EA's CEO Andrew Wilson in the fourth quarter earnings EA's phone conference said, "FIFA 17" will be "personalized and competitive to make a great leap" In addition, FIFA 17 will be available in the company's second quarter, roughly between September and July.

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